Review: Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Raspberry Shimmer, Malt Shimmer and Pink Bronze Shimmer

“Bobbi Brown’s iconic Lip Color is now available in new shades that combine high shine emollients and light reflective pearls for something completely fresh. Don’t think metallic or frost – the effect is sheer and multi dimensional. The lightweight yet moisturizing formula glides effortlessly and evenly onto lips, leaving a thin veil of light reflecting color that lasts for hours without feathering or drying.”


Bobbi Brown Lip Shine names


I started my lipstick obsession with Bobbi Brown. I went through tubes of their Creamy Lip Colors and I had the iconic Brown Lip Color which then ended up in my mom’s vanity. It wasn’t a dated brown but a flattering reddish brown. Which reminds me, I should get another tube. I loved how pigmented they are, and how comfortable my lips felt. Here, these high shimmer lip colors are just as moisturizing, but now, with glittery bits. These glitters are formulated with “a unique blend of pearls for an effect that’s intensely reflective yet soft and wearable; individual pearls have a smooth, flat shape and reflective, mirror-like quality.”

I agree that these High Shimmer lip colors are wearable. However, I personally do not like glitters in my lipsticks. I find that I have to be careful when removing these because the glitters, no matter how fine, do transfer. If I’m not careful, I’ll look like I just ate some unicorns and burped some glitters. I think I am quoting Makeup Morsels here, but I can’t be sure. That’s the problem with reading too many blogs. The swatches below are very close to how they look in real life – well, on my computer screen anyway.


bullets swatches


Raspberry Shimmer is a reddish pink on me. The glitters make this shade look particularly reflective and no, the glitters are not obvious when worn. Malt Shimmer looks bronze on my lips. This one feels a little chunkier, and even on the lips, the gold glitters look a bit frosty. Pink Gold Shimmer looks just that – liquid pinky gold which looks gorgeous in real life! I think this pairs really well with matte smokey eyes. While all three are wearable shades, I prefer Raspberry Shimmer and Pink Gold Shimmer. Now, if only there’s one that’s called Sunset Shimmer. Chloe (7) and Ashlyn (5) will be all over that name – My Little Pony!


lip swatch looks


There are a total of 12 shades available: Raspberry Shimmer, Berry Shimmer, Plum Shimmer, Ruby Shimmer, Malt Shimmer, Twilight Shimmer, Pink Gold Shimmer, Beige Gold Shimmer, Brown Shimmer, Calypso Shimmer, Pink Apricot Shimmer & Ballerina Shimmer. These Bobbi Brown Lip Colors in High Shimmer retail for RM88 each. Do you like shimmers or glitters in your lipsticks? To be fair, these are done very tactfully. If you don’t believe me, you have to check these out. The glitters don’t settle in my lip lines and they don’t bling. Thing is… I still don’t like glitters in my lipsticks. You?


xoxo Lily


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