Review: Bobbi Brown Twilight Pink Lip And Eye Palette

Do you still get this palette? There’s no Bobbi Brown counter where I live, so I can’t check in store. This is sent to me as a gift a couple of months ago, and I’d like to let you see the swatches anyway, because most of the shades are permanent.


Twilight Pink Palette

Twilight Pink Palette open


See? The palette isn’t very big, but I actually like that it folds small and opens well, long. The mirror closes to protect the eye shadows from the lipsticks before folding again to close the whole palette. There is a small eye shadow brush and a mini lip brush included, and truthfully, they don’t do much. I’d rather use my fingers >_< The eye shadows are of Bobbi Brown nature – not too pigmented but very smooth in texture. The 2 glitters are very very sheer, so it only offers some grown up gleam on the lids. If you’re expecting blings, then you’d be disappointed. The mattes and metallics are beautiful, and the eye colours allow natural looks. You won’t go wrong with a heavy hand. The softness in the colours are more forgiving. Again, if you prefer high pigments, this palette is not for you.


Twilight Pink Palette eyes eye swatches

Top row (L-R): Ivory, Dusk (sparkle), Canary (shimmer), Cool Ivory, Nude

Bottom row (L-R): Slate, Opal (sparkle), Truffle, Twilight Pink (metallic), Espresso

The 4 lip colours included are from the Cream Lip Colour range. I used to be obsessed with the colour Heathermauve, or something like that. I can’t remember now! When new, it’s a little difficult to pick up the colour from the palette, but once you dig in, they apply creamy and pigmented. They are moisturizing on the lips but do not feather. I like that there’s a variety of colours here for mixing and matching.


Lip palette lip swatches Lip swatch


I created a very natural day look for you guys. I added some sparkles on my lids, but it’s impossible to capture on camera! On my lips, I mixed Bronzed Pink and Pale Mauve and added a bright pink lip gloss on top.




Ah, and before I forget – I swatched the Sparkle eye shadows wet for you, and for myself, to see if they’d be a little more pigmented.


glitters wet


I hate using my eye shadows wet, but they do seem a little better than when used dry. However, I layered this like 4 times. I think it’s a sign – just use it dry and save the energy. LOL!

What do you think of this palette?


xoxo Lily