Review: Clinique All About Shadow Black Honey

You know that feeling after you read something really awesome from a blog, and you just want it so bad? Especially when everything about that product is something you’d love? Well, this happened, and I blame Tiffany after reading her post. I’m a sucker for warm reddish brown and this one is just right. I found out that this shade is not available in my country, and I was so bummed! Then, I saw this online and grabbed it immediately. I just checked again, and this shade is gone – thank goodness I acted fast!


Clinique Black Honey eye shadow Clinique single eye shadow


I’m not a fan of highly reflective packaging like this because it attracts finger prints like crazy, and it looks ridiculously messy, but for this shade, I’d just dismiss that OCD tendencies in me. There’s a sponge applicator included, and I hardly use it. I prefer using my eye shadow brushes. I did try using it, and it works perfectly fine. I just don’t like to use sponge applicators, period. Look at this glorious warm brown! I know, I’m getting excited on a brown, the most boring colour… but it’s also my favourite colour to use on my eyes! Warm, cool, reddish, greying, greenish, all different shades of brown – come to momma!!


Black Honey eye shadow ingredients


Black Honey is a super shimmer colour. My swatch doesn’t really show the dimensions so be sure to check out Tiffany’s post. Her swatch shows much more depth. My swatch is taken under natural light, away from direct sunlight. Doesn’t do Black Honey justice, to be honest. So, I have prepared a complete look for you. I’ve been using this so much, it’s immediately made it to my Sunday Stash Shopping. LOL! The texture is amazingly buttery without kicking up powder, glides on my eyes with impressive smooth pigments that allow effortless blending. This All About Shadow is long lasting as well. Paired with Clinique’s All About Shadow Eye Primer (review up soon), it lasts the whole day on me with minimal fading and no creasing at all. Consider me impressed!


Black Honey eye shadow swatch


In short, this is an affordable and satisfying purchase that makes me happy. I wish we carried this shade here! Also, we don’t get their Nude palette. Sucks 🙁


xoxo Lily