Sunday Stash Shopping #20: Celebrating Chinese New Year

I nearly didn’t have any looks to post for CNY. Chloe was in hospital but she was discharged the second day, and we got to go out as a family on the 3rd day of CNY. It also happened to be my husband’s very elderly grandmother’s birthday, so when’s a better time to doll up just a little? It’s a very simple look, with gel liner, mascara, concealer, powder and blush and lipstick. It was a hot day, and it’d be even hotter at grandma’s, with about 30 people fitting into a tiny house. You might have seen this on my Instagram account, but if you haven’t, here it is 🙂


CNY look 1

A minimal look that makes me look awake (despite a few sleepless nights) and fresh at the same time. The dress is from Asos. Click here for the link (not affiliated) – it’s now 70% off! Goshdarnit! The blush is a reddish brown by Lunasol (Coloring Cheeks 09 Medium Beige) and on my lips, I’m wearing Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry. I also had to tie my hair up in a high ponytail, because you know, it was hot. Here’s a close up so you can see the makeup better:


CNY look


At night, we were playing with firecrackers, and here’s something I made – CA for ChloeAsh. The camera is set to 25 seconds shutter speed and both hubs and I just “drew” like crazy. LOL!




Hope you enjoyed this post!


xoxo Lily