Urban Decay Smoked Look Book 11 Red Carpet & 12 Reality Star

We are finally at the 2 final looks!! These 2 looks have lighter lid colours, and the accentuation is all on the crease and outer corners… and false lashes. The trick to these 2 looks is staying clean. Use smaller brushes than you think you need, and if possible, keep some clean blending brushes to soften any harsh edges. On my cheeks, I’m wearing Chanel Cream Blush Intonation and on my lips, Dior Addict Lip Glow in Coral. The false lashes are some generic ones I wore to my sister in law’s wedding, and I used these a couple more times before I threw them away. Let’s get to it, shall we?




Red Carpet: A nominee favourite, this smoky look is more pretty than edgy. Wear it for magnetic eyes with Hollywood glamour. It’s the perfect eye for your wedding day or anytime you need to be a knockout.

  1. Apply Freestyle from crease to brow
  2. Highlight brow bone with Kinky, tracing it just along brow arch. Blend with Freestyle.
  3. Apply Backdoor into the crease, blending up and out of the crease.
  4. To add intensity, layer more Backdoor onto the outer corner.
  5. Trace Backdoor along upper and lower lash line leaving it a little thicker at the outer corner
  6. Reapply Perversion about halfway across lower lash line from outer to inner corner. Fuse with Backdoor
  7. Softly trace a bit of Mushroom at the bottom edge of Backdoor shadow along lower lash line. Blend together seamlessly, taking care not to dilute the intensity of Backdoor
  8. With a light hand, blend Blackout into the outer corner and the outer part of the crease. It should blend seamlessly into Backdoor
  9. Downblend
  10. Apply Kinky to the upper eyelid from lash line to crease. Go a little more than halfway across, starting from the inner corner. Softly blend into Backdoor as you approach the outer corner
  11. Apply a bit of Mushroom on upper lid where Kinky and Backdoor meet to create a softer transition between the shadows and add some sheen to the upper eyelid.
  12. Reapply Perversion in a very thin, tight line all along upper lash line. It can be a bit thicker at the outer corner. *Sharpen your pencil before you begin.
  13. Apply a touch of Kinky at the inner corners of the eyes and blend into Freestyle.
  14. Line the upper waterline all the way across and into the inner corner with Perversion


red carpet


Reality Star: From housewives to sisters, this is the dramatic smokey eye. Favoured by reality starlets.

  1. Apply fake lashes. You can put them on before or after but they are a must
  2. Highlight all the way across brow bone with Kinky
  3. Apply Kinky across the upper eyelid from inner to outer corner, extending it just beyond the outer corner
  4. Apply Asphalt into the crease from outer to inner corner. Keep the colour intense as you work it out of the crease, then blend it seamlessly with Kinky
  5. Sweep Asphalt all the way across lower lash line from outer to inner corner. The shadow should be thick and smudgy; make sure the edges look soft and fuzzy
  6. Enhance the crease with Blackout. Apply it right into the crease line, blending it up and into Asphalt
  7. Intensify the lower lash line by tracing Blackout in a tight line right along the lashes
  8. Using Perversion pencil, create a long clean line across the upper lash line. *Sharpen your pencil before you begin lining each one of your eyes
  9. Accentuate both the inner and outer corners of the eyes with Perversion pencil
  10. Line the lower lash line about halfway across with Perversion and fuse it into Blackout shadow
  11. Line the lower waterline all the way across with Perversion pencil. Join in to the liner at the inner and outer corners
  12. Line the upper waterline all the way across and into the inner corner with Perversion.


reality star


I personally think both looks are quite similar. Red Carpet is a softer, more natural take of Reality Star. I had to fake that crease for Reality Star and while it looks simple, I had to spend quite some time to perfect that shape and blending. Red Carpet, if you noticed, is also how I normally do my eye makeup 🙂

So, of all 12 looks, which one is your favourite? Just to recap as usual:

I can’t pick just one, but looks 9, 10, 11 and 12 are by far my favourites. I hope this series has somehow helped you or inspired you. You don’t need this palette for the looks to work. It’s just to show you how different colour placements and shapes change the smokey eye to something less boring. One thing I learned though – false lashes are a must 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed this series, because this is the end of it. Thanks for reading and all your encouraging comments!


xoxo Lily