FOTD: Bobbi Brown Amnesia Rose Palette

OK, I finally got some photos taken – of a look using the purples of the Bobbi Brown Amnesia Rose Palette. It was after work, and I was going to get myself cleaned up, then I thought, well, maybe I should slap on more makeup, take some photos, THEN shower. Yup, I always have great ideas. LOL! Anyway, Ultra Violet turned out to be more pink than purple on my eyes, and Iron doesn’t show up much paired with it either. Mulberry is a good contrast colour because it is the most pigmented. So, the bold colours I see on the pans turned out to be soft, sheer-ish wearable colours on the lids, as predicted 🙂 I’ve read some mixed reviews about this palette, and let’s be real. Just like anything in life, really, some will like it, some will not.




For the base, I used Bobbi Brown cream foundation in Sand (set with a new Bobbi Brown powder foundation that I’ll talk about another day) and for blush, I used Desert Rose pot rouge included in the palette. Desert Rose is a darker mauve against my skin, and while it looks quite pretty as a blush, I cannot use it as a lip colour. I was expecting it to be a dark mauve on my lips too, but somehow, it pulled a chameleon on me and turned lilac. Of all lilacs, it looked like a weird ashy greyish light purple – like something the Corpse Bride will wear. I wiped it off before I spooked myself. LMFAO!! So I changed it to a nude I know I like – Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color in Nude Beige.

For the eyes, I used Ultra Violet on my mobile lids and Mulberry on the outer lids. To create a smoky haze, I smudged my lower lash lines liberally using Iron. I then lined my eyes with Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Gunmetal Shimmer Ink before finishing off with a few coats of Bobbi Brown Smoky Eye mascara. So, here’s the final look! Hair pinned up because the oil glands in my scalp were working overtime and I had a greasy crown. Hence, the cropped photos so you can’t see my flat hair. Ah, the joys of still photos 🙂


look1 look2 look3


Ah oops, I let the last photo rip. Oh well. I hope you enjoyed this look anyway. Happy weekend, peeps!


xoxo Lily