Not So Hairy Stuff

I think most of you already know that I changed my hairstyle. I used to sport my hair au naturel, without any colours or perms or what have you. I still have not coloured my hair, but I did get a perm, a digital perm. Digital perm has been around for at least a decade, and since it’s not the first time I do this, I felt comfortable. Now, they have new stuff called Korean set perm, you know, riding on the Hallyu wave and all that. Anyhoo… If you followed me on Instagram, you would’ve seen me sitting in the salon with a really hot cooker on my head. If I used it to cover my face, I’d look like R2D2 😛




That thing, whatever it’s called, is to heat activate the cream they applied on my hair. They say it softens the hair, but in actual fact, it kind of breaks down the hair structure so that it is ultra bendable and when they finally curl and set it, hair stays that way. That process took about half an hour and when they took it off, my scalp felt really hot and cooked – but not to a point where it burned >_< If it burns, you’ll have to scream for the hair stylist to take it off you, because it’s not supposed to happen that way.

So anyway, I had to sit in the salon for about 4 hours, to have my hair trimmed, washed, permed, treated and styled. I. HATE. SITTING. IN. HAIR. SALONS. That’s why the last time I was in one was about 2 years ago.

Anyway, this hair style is very low maintenance. I wash and condition my hair as usual, and the only styling product is a nutritious hair oil. I use 2 pumps of that, run over my hair, then blow dry. I divide my hair into a few sections, twist it, then blow. That’s when I feel extra hardworking. Usually, I let it air dry. I also divide my hair into about 6 sections, twist it then leave it. It’ll look like you have doll hair for a while, but after it dries, just shake them loose and you’ll get really natural curls. Hair is soft and bouncy and you don’t need hair sprays to hold the curls.




Photos above were taken from my Instagram account. I am a hair newb and I don’t speak hair terms, but I hope you understood what I was trying to say. Also, I didn’t like my bangs / fringe when she first cut it for me, but after about a week or two, it settled nicely covering a bit of my brows. The last time I had bangs was when I was 16. Yeah.

So, what’s your hair style now? Do you change it often? Do you style it?


xoxo Lily