Review: Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask

I caved. I’ve been reading too much about Omorovicza and I’ve been telling myself for over a year that I have to try this brand, and I finally have. I got this and the Thermal Cleansing Balm from Cult Beauty and I now beat myself for not trying this sooner! Don’t want to read the whole review? Let me tell you now. Get this. It’s great!


Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask


I love masks. I mask at least once a week and instead of sticking to just 1 mask, I use different masks for different occasions. Did you watch Lisa Eldriedge’s latest video on face masks? We share similar sentiments. Omorovicza is a brand of luxury skincare from Budapest, Hungary. Now, I don’t profess to be very familiar with the brand, because I haven’t spoken to anyone directly from the brand before, but from the raving reviews I read, I started to believe šŸ˜› Here’s something I cut and paste directly from Cult Beauty…Ā Omorovicza combined Hungary’s 2,000-year-old tradition of using their unique healing thermal waters and mineral-rich mud with using technological advances so cutting-edge the lab they use has a Nobel prize! The beauty of this brand is not just the perfect mix of naturally occuring minerals in the muds and waters they use, but their “Mineral Cosmetology”, a patented delivery system that maximises the impact on your skin.


Omorovicza logo Deep Cleansing Mask


The Deep Cleansing Mask is said to be a skin purifier. It mattifies the skin, evens out skin tone and draws out impurities. It is advised not to use this mask the day before a big event. Truthfully, this disclaimer held me back. I do not want to purchase an expensive mask just to have it break me out because it’sĀ drawing out impurities. I like my skin’s impurities drawn out MINUS the bumps, thank you very much. Who’s with me? Well, let me just ease your mind a little. I’ve used this mask for 3 weeks, twice a week (so that’s 6 times – at the time of writing anyway. This post is scheduled to be posted 10 days later), and there is no pimple in sight. I have oily T-zone, and I have comedones on my nose. I find that when my fingers itch terribly and I start to pinch my soft round nose I squeeze my nose, those blackheads actually come off very easily. No forceful pinching necessary. My nose has been quite smooth and clean – never mind the TMI here.

The Deep Cleansing Mask looks like purified mud (it probably is) and the texture is actually quite soft. I half expected it to be grainy for some reason, but no, the mask is very fine and smooth. It applies beautifully, and a thin layer gets the job done. After cleansing, I apply it all over the face (avoiding the eyes), let it dry, then wipe it off using a warm face towel. My skin is smooth like a baby’s buttocks (butts without rashes please) and it is simply divine to touch. Hard to explain, but this self loving is better kept to myself >_<


mask ingredients


Do I like this mask, you ask? Erm, hello? Were you reading or wondering if I was nekkid in that last photo? Short recap: Yup, it’s good šŸ™‚


xoxo Lily