Well, it’s supposed to be Sunday Stash Shopping, but my internet was down for a few days, and I just got it back not long ago, so nothing is prepared. I usually live on scheduled posts, and the last scheduled post was posted 2 days ago. The few days offline also made me realize I need a break. It’s been hectic, and I just want a few more days off, so that I can deliver better quality posts to you guys, instead of half assed effort. I will be back soon enough – you won’t even notice I’m gone 🙂



Written by Lily

  • 38noodles

    Enjoy you’re well deserved break and have a great weekend!

  • Enjoy your break, Lily! I took one not so long ago and it was nice not to have to worry about writing a post for the next day 🙂

  • Icaria

    Good for you Lily! I’ve taken it easy this week and plan on doing the same this upcoming week as well. Let’s relax a bit! xx 🙂

  • Have a nice break! No point doing something when you’re not feeling it. I’m the same with cooking – if I feel exhausted, I know I will churn out a terrible tasting meal which would make the day even worse haha….I clicked on your previous Sunday stash shopping post – very nice everyday look; makes me wanna check out the black honey eyeshadow and the cheek pop blush…..soooooo pretty!

  • Have a nice break and come back fully refreshed, Lily! xoxo

  • Liz

    See you soon! xo

  • TracyBeautyReflections

    Breaks are good! I need one LOL.

  • Missing you already 😉 I will play our song until you return!