Tagged: 30 Random Facts About Me – Again

Hi guys! I’ve been gone for a week, but it didn’t feel that long, at all. I wanted to take another week, but some of you might forget about me, so I thought I’d drop by and say hello. Also, because I’ve been gone and haven’t talked about beauty, let’s just talk about me again. We ALL know I’m full of myself right? We’ve already established that here. Also, I’m tagged by Jenny, and I’m not one to wuss out 😛


60D selfie

  1. I quit my full time job – my last day is… soon
  2. That job was toxic and sucking my life and soul out of me
  3. I only believe in gender equality when it suits me. Now, my husband should definitely provide for me 😛
  4. We all know I have a dimple. My mom has a dimple. Chloe has a dimple. Ashlyn has a dimple. All our dimples are on the right side of our face. Coincidence? I think not. It’s mutation for sure, passed on only through daughters!
  5. I believe in ghosts and I’d scare myself stupid then laugh about it
  6. I just upgraded my camera equipment, not because it’s flashy, but because I find I need those functions and lenses to produce better quality pictures. Then again, hubs always tells me it’s not the equipment, it’s the photographer. Whatever. I’m cooler now. What is it? It’s a Canon 60D body with a Tamron 17-50mm f2.8, and another Canon 50mm f1.8 prime lens.
  7. The first makeup item I bought was a lipstick. I remember it was Revlon, and it was brown. It was the 90s, people.
  8. I never knew how to apply mascara until I was in my 20s. Yes, laugh it up.
  9. This 30 random things is so much harder than my 50 random things
  10. My husband and I are born in the same year, but I am 4 months older
  11. I’m thinking about setting up another blog perhaps about pregnancy and motherhood. Perhaps to share the whole pregnancy journey, beauty updates, body updates, and how to lose baby weight after? For all I know, it can be a complete fail of how I look 6 months pregnant when I’m only 3, and after pregnancy, I’d stay that way for a year >_<
  12. I don’t talk very much in real life. Don’t believe me, eh?
  13. During my 1 week break, I was contemplating just to stop blogging for another month.
  14. I’m losing my mojo
  15. Mojo reminds me of Austin Powers
  16. I don’t like Mr Bean – too much funny for me
  17. I think younger women now are so much more sophisticated than I was, when I was at that age. Maybe I’m just clueless?
  18. I hate hot weather and I live in Malaysia. Thank God for air conditioning
  19. I am a very lazy person. I only do what I absolutely need to do at the very last minute.
  20. I haven’t had a facial for 3 years
  21. I am not a sentimental person. I throw / give away old things, like clothes and shoes without a second thought. But when it comes to makeup, I’d hesitate
  22. I don’t like to talk about politics
  23. When I get angry, I cry
  24. When I’m happy, I cry
  25. Movies and cartoons make me cry
  26. You know how some people are really outspoken? And when they get annoyed, they make sure the whole world knows? Well, sometimes, I wish they’d just STFU
  27. I think I have anti social behaviour
  28. When I have too much to think about, I just go to bed
  29. Current addiction: Kimchi and avocado
  30. Famous words: OK, OK, I’ll do it… then I’d have a difficult time following through. LOL!

I’ve done it! And now, I’m drained. No words left >_< I think I’ll go to bed.


xoxo Lily