Femme Boulevard: Old and New

Today, we’re doing a product based theme. The oldest and newest in our stash. For me, my oldest got to be my Kanebo T’estimo eye shadows which were long discontinued. The latest is a lip product by Bobbi Brown – their Art Stick. It worked out quite well, actually because I haven’t talked about either of them before. Also, Kate and I are the only ones doing this, and it so happens, Kate is the newest member of Femme Boulevard, and well, I’m the old one. LOL! Here’s a look at the product I used for this look.




This is a Unii palette I bought to store my really old eye shadows. The 2 rows at the bottom are my T’estimo eye shadows, the top row is one of the old LE MAC eye shadows, a couple of Shiseido singles and a super old blush from Kanebo Coffret D’or. For this look, I used the beige (bottom row 3rd from left) all over my lids, and a dark grey brown (2nd row, second from left) for light definition. I used my ring finger to dab the beige all over my lids before using the Hakuhodo Kokutan T brush to add definition with the darker shade. These T’estimo eye shadows have some bling in them, and I hate that the glitters fall onto my face. I didn’t realize it back then, but now, I’ve gotten fussier 🙂




This is the Bobbi Brown Art Stick which should be available at Bobbi counters now. I have the shade Bright Raspberry which is kind of a bright purplish fuchsia on me. I love these Art Sticks because even though the colours are bold, I don’t need the hassle of using a separate lip liner. These go on semi matte, and very opaque. For the rest of my face, I used my Lunasol Water Gel foundation, Burberry blush is Peony (applied with my Chikuhodo Z4), mascara and brow pencil.


face products


The end look?


look1 look2


Subtly defined eyes, a breathe of pink on the cheeks, and statement lips. I love wearing bolder lip colours like this. What do you think? Remember to check out Kate’s oldest and newest in her stash and see what she does with them! Hope you enjoyed this post!


xoxo Lily



  • Shu Ting

    oh I love your look, Lilly! That lip colour is so mesmerising! 🙂

    • Lily

      Thanks Shu Ting. I think this is my first lip colour that looks like this 🙂

      • Shu Ting

        Really? Then you need to wear more of this colour! 🙂 it really is a pop of colour! I saw this post and thought of the similar shade I have so am wearing it as I type! Hehe

  • Icaria

    That lip color is gorgeous on you and I love it paired with the soft eyes! You make one good looking mama! xx 😀

    • Lily

      Aaw, thanks Helene 🙂 It’s been a while since I took a FOTD… felt strange!

  • Oooh la la, that lip color is stunning on you! Interesting shade of blush by the way.

    • Lily

      Thanks Melissa. The blush is a pale cool pink and I thought it’s subtle enough not to clash with the bright lip.

  • Liz

    Love it! I’m really into that lip colour lately and it looks glorious on you. 🙂

    • Lily

      Really? Thanks Liz. I wanted to try colours like this for a while, but never had the guts.

  • LOVE that lip colour! That may be the first Bobbi Brown lip pie I’ve ever really wanted haha! You look so pretty Lily!

    • Lily

      Thanks Tracy. You might really want to try this shade. I think it’ll look fab with your pink hair!

  • Hey Lily, WHOA THAT ART STICK! I swatched some the other day. They’re pretty smooth and pigmented! I just don’t want to buy another sharpener (don’t think I have one that works with the size) as well tho! It’d be so great if everybody could make their chubby pencils twist-up!

    • Lily

      Oh!! You know what? The pencil comes with its own sharpener!! Takes the hassle away. I do with the pencils are twist up too, actually… but I’m not complaining either 🙂

      • OOO OK! When I saw them in the shop I kinda assumed it requires a separate sharpener. This makes things simpler!

  • THAT LIP COLOR IS HOTTTTTT ON YOU, LILY! I love it! I’m with Tracy – that might be the first BB lip product I ever pick up!

    • Lily

      I can just imagine how it looks with your red hair!! I think it’ll look gorgeous on you too, Larie!

  • Hey Lily Good to see your face again! 🙂
    I’m with Larie. That lip color is amazing!!!

    • Lily

      Hi Lena! The lip colour seems to be very popular. I think I can’t agree more 🙂

  • I’m not even that big a fan of purpley lip colors, but this is really cute on you! 🙂

    • Lily

      I’m glad this doesn’t look too purple, and you know what? I think this goes with most skin tones too 🙂

  • 38noodles

    That’s a stunning look on you! Loved this month’s challenge! I’ve long parted with my very first makeup purchase (a lip gloss tub from Red Earth), and my most recently purchase is a maestro blusher from Armani. Picked up a couple of the Art Sticks too, and really like them too, I may need to revisit the counter to have a looksie at this colour!

    • Lily

      Which Art Sticks did you pick up? I love the convenience of this – precise and packs a punch! You have to try this shade too. It’s really lovely.

      • 38noodles

        I got Dusky pink which is a very easy everyday colour for me, sunset orange because I’m loving orange for the hot weather, and harlow red because I cant stop myself against reds! I agree about their convenience and pigmentation, quite surprised these aren’t blogged about more.

  • LOL! I hadn’t thought of that spin on oldest&newest 😀
    I also have one lonely Testimo single with that imprint!! God that brings me back! I love the final look and am super envious of the way you pull off these purpled shades.

    • Lily

      Gosh, I never knew I could actually wear a lip shade like this. I’m loving it! Definitely adds some life to the whole complexion 🙂

  • wow..very daring lip color 🙂 but it looks good on you..usually i only go for light or nude lipstick..nvr thought of taking so bright color liptstick..btw..you look very cool on the first selfie picture…nice 🙂

    • Thanks Michelle. I never dreamed of wearing anything other than MLBB lipsticks before I started the blog. The first time I tried on a red lip, I wiped it off immediately! How things have changed 😉

    • Lily

      Thanks Michelle. Before I started this blog, I never imagined I’d wear anything other than a nude and neutral lip. How things have changed 😉