Review: Bobbi Brown Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Cream

I figured I really can’t sit on product reviews forever. They’re just going to pile up and I’d give up once and for all. I’ve been meaning to tell you about this moisturizer I’ve been trying. Yup, another one from Bobbi Brown. Somehow, my skin likes Bobbi Brown moisturizers! This one is called Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Cream.


Bobbi Brown Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Cream


Let’s establish something first. Extra is one of Bobbi Brown’s skincare lines that is more suitable for dry skin. I do not have dry skin, but I have maturing skin. Yes, let’s also get real. I am not a hot twenty something who bounces with collagen. I need collagen. I’m not a young’n who breezes through pregnancy, staying slim and radiant. I put on 10 pounds as soon as I missed my period. I suffer and turn into a hag almost immediately. UGH!! Oh wait, this isn’t about that… but it is. I need moisturizers that give me skin that extra boost without looking oil slick. You know, it’s bad enough to look like a hag, think about an oily faced hag. *gag* *vomit*

This one, I really like. I don’t like the price point – RM300 a tub – and that’s the only reason that’s stopping me from repurchasing when I’m done with this. Hey Bobbi, you might want to reduce the price range a little? I can be forgiving if you skim a little on packaging, you know? I don’t mind not having this luxurious hefty jar, in place of some plastic… but who am I kidding? GOOD Packaging sells. Sigh…


Bobbi Brown Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Cream 1


This moisturizer is suitable for both day and night. Before using this, I was having a bout of crazy skin. Just acting up for no reason, yelling at me through lines and pores. OK, not that serious. I don’t see lines on my face, but you just KNOW your skin is dehydrated, don’t you? It just doesn’t look as smooth, it doesn’t feel as supple. I’ve been using this for 2 months already, and while I gag the whole day, suppressing the need to vomit, my skin doesn’t add to the stump. The cream absorbs into the skin beautifully, doesn’t melt my foundation, and smells delicious. It is enriched with Super Citrus Complex (think grapefruit and vitamin C goodness) and Bobbi makes sure you know it. Yup, smells like oranges. Not any oranges, but smells like F&N orange soda! I am not allowing myself indulge in sodas, so this scent is pretty much a bonus to me. Some might not like it, but I do. LOL!


Bobbi Brown Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Cream 2


This cream moisturizes very well, and we have established that. Perhaps it does brighten the skin too. I mean, my skin is far from sallow (aside from some doomed dark circles) and I’d like to think that the ingredient called Glucosamine is doing its job, exfoliating dead skin cells from my face, revealing brighter skin every day 🙂 I really have nothing much to complain. I’ve made my peace with moisturizers in tubs / jars because while those in pumps and bottles are more hygienic, they annoy me when I’m nearly using up the product. It’s a bitch to get to those last few drops. However, with jars like this, I know I can polish it clean!

My 2 cents.

Ugh, OK… energy spent. Let me go lie down and feel sorry for myself again…


xoxo Lily