Review: Estee Lauder Cyber White HD Serum and Moisturizer

Oops, I just realised I haven’t posted for more than a week! I figured it’s high time I talked about Estee Lauder’s Cyber White HD. I was sent both the serum and moisturizer, and I first used it more than 2 months ago. Before this, I was on organic skincare where silicones and fragrances were close to zero. I didn’t really appreciate it until I used this. The first 2 things I noticed were how slippery and how strongly perfumed they are!


Cyber White 1


Do you wonder why I’ve been procrastinating? I’ve been sitting on this for months, not knowing how to write. I guess it helps that at this very moment, I have this “I don’t give a hoot” attitude – makes it easier for me to just say it aloud – I don’t like these. I love my Estee Lauder ANR. I can’t live without it! I’ve grown to love a couple of its eye creams too. But this… hhmmm… besides the fact that the fragrance was extremely strong, and the ‘cones make it feel like I have a layer of something sitting on my skin, both these products clogged my pores. Like seriously. I used the serum after toner, followed with the moisturizer, both daily and nightly for 2 weeks and I noticed my nose and chin were getting bumpy. My pores looked dirty and clogged for sure. I stopped these 2 immediately and used my trusty Clarisonic nightly to try to blast my way back to clear skin. Thank goodness I noticed it early.

Then again, what if I was being unfair, and it’s got nothing to do with these 2 products? Once my skin cleared up, I gave it another go. I know right? Who would gamble? Sigh… I told you, I wanted to be fair. 1 week was enough though. I saw those blackheads and whiteheads popping up faster than usual, and that’s my verdict. So, if they don’t work for me, maybe they work for someone with a different skin type? That’s how my mom became my guinea pig. So far, no complaints from her, except that (again), they feel slippery >_<


Cyber White 2 Cyber White 3 Cyber White 4


In all honesty, I can’t tell you to run to get these. It is not right for me to say that the combination of these 2 products are bad for you. Sure, they make my skin go comedone crazy, but my mom seems to be ok. I haven’t used it long enough to tell you the brightening effects, and sorry, I won’t use it for a few months to try. I’m not THAT generous with my skin. Have any of you guys tried the Cyber White HD before? Do they work for you? I hope Estee Lauder will tone down its use of fragrances and silicones in some of its products. The scent was so strong it was offensive (for me at least) and the ‘cones in these products were just too much. Feels like my skin was choking!

So, EL, let’s try again, shall we?


xoxo Lily


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  • I really appreciate your honesty in this review, Lily. I haven’t heard anything about this line or haven’t tried much from Estee Lauder, but like you, I really like their ANR! I’ve only tried the older version though.

    • Lily

      Oh, you have to try the new version if you really liked their original one. The ANR2 is better 🙂

  • Liz

    I think this must be Asia-exclusive. Not going to worry about avoiding this, ha! I broke out with some new skin care as well and tried them twice with a break in between like you. One of them is now being used exclusively on my neck and decolletage. Oh well, they can’t all be winners.

    • Lily

      Brightening skincare tends to be Asia exclusive >_< You're not missing much, but like you said, they can't all be winners 🙂

  • 38noodles

    I’ve also sampled these. The serum didn’t do much for me at all, but I did like the feeling of the moisturizer on my face, as my skin does tend to like silicones products. Nonetheless, didn’t love it enough to want to buy it, simply because I don’t bother with a whitening moisturizer, only serums.

    • Lily

      I thought my skin liked silicones too! Maybe it was due to the break from ‘cones that I was feeling the effect? I don’t know

  • Bella

    Thank you for this honest review. I like ANR too. Just the name Cyber-White puts me off these already though LOL!

    • Lily

      I was gagging and barfing while writing this, so that might contribute to the negativity as well. Oopsie!

  • Hey Lily, I get ya. I am a big fan of ANR, but I have little interest in most EL skincare to be honest. I am just not big on cone. I know it’s not bad for the skin per se, but it never does anything for me, and I HATE that “film” I can feel on my skin. Ugh.

    • Lily

      I know! That film of something really put me off!! I never really feel this with my other moisturizers, just this one. Weird… maybe they really loaded this to fill in pores for that HD effect? LOL!

  • This is why I don’t like most of EL skincare either. Pretty much anything I’ve tried breaks me out like crazy. Everything is getting is full of cones lately, and it bothers me so much. WHY?

    • Lily

      Because you’re really happy with your organic Tata Harper stuff! LOL!

      • Haha, actually I’ve finished that stuff up! I haven’t repurchased because $$$$$ lol.

        • Lily

          Ugh, don’t you hate that? You find something you love, but it’s got to be something extremely $$$$$$$$$$!!

  • I don’t think we get this line. I did try a sample of ANR and holy crap amazeballs, I need more of that stuff.

    I hate the filmy feel of some of the recent skincare things, too, though. Steering clear of this one, haha.

    • Lily

      I NEED ANR in my life. That’s why it’s been a staple 🙂

  • I totally agree with you! EL needs to tone down on the fragrance and silicones. I don’t really mind cones but in moderation. I just got a cream cleanser from EL and this is too perfume-y and even irritating for my skin. They do offer some amazing stuff and makeup items, though.

    • Lily

      I love some of EL’s makeup items too! Funny that, because a few years ago, EL makeup products were totally meh

  • Icaria

    I haven’t look at EL’s skin care offerings in ages due to the fragrance! Last year I tried to use a cleanser I got in a GWP and was taken aback by the strong smell! ANR is really the only product I’ve repurchased. You’re a good soldier for having tried a second time! Brave is what you are! 🙂

    • Lily

      I do hope EL tones down on the use of fragrances. This one gives me the headache!