Favourite Look: Pregnancy First Trimester Edition

Well, I’ll be into my second trimester soon so I thought I’d tell you what I’ve been doing most of the time for the last 3 months. You know what they say about pregnancy glow? If you get bad morning sickness, forget about the glow. Let’s get real here. Do you know what bad morning sickness does to you? If you haven’t experienced it before, let me scare you a little. Bear in mind I’m already in my mid 30s and people did say that morning sickness gets worse with age. That I might agree because this is the worst ever.

Some smells like fried onion and fried garlic for example, make me want to puke. Fish and I don’t get along either. Neither do cold drinks which I used to love. Imagine downing hot drinks in 35-degree weather. I have lots of gas. There are only 2 ways gas can come out and I do BOTH a lot. Disgusting? Don’t judge. Many pregnant women go through that. You might deny it, but you can only lie to yourself >_< Of course, when I unfortunately had to vomit, all hell breaks lose. Do you know which part of your face can secrete liquid? Eyes, nose, mouth, pores – everything opens up when you vomit your lungs and intestines out. Eeeww?? Yeah. I thought so too. One thing I learned is, when vomiting, do not EVER breathe through your nose – the stench might just induce the vomits again.

Now… where was I? Oh yeah, all the horrible things being pregnant. Am I being nasty? No, not really. I’m giving you the real picture here. You see enough rosy pictures through ads and movies already 😛 Actually, you might want to get your daughters to read this, you know… just so they’d be careful. LOL LOL!! Anyway, on the beauty note, sigh… would you even THINK of putting on makeup when you’re in this state? I didn’t. It was the last thing on my mind. However, I looked at myself in the mirror, and thought the least I could do as a human is to look like one. Don’t want to scare people, you know?

Base is very important. It has to make me look like my healthy rosy self again. I have been using these 3 products and they have served me well. Bobbi Brown BB Cream, Lancome Maqui Blanc powder foundation to set, and a healthy pink blush which I desperately needed. Burberry Peony is great for my pale sallow skin.




Sometimes, I’d go out without adding any other makeup. On days I felt better, I’d add my brows and a touch of eye shadow. I don’t do anything fancy, just neutrals. Sometimes just one eye shadow all over my lids and sometimes, I’d add a darker eye shadow as eye liner. I’ve been skipping mascara and eye liner because every time I feel like vomiting (even though all I did was to swallow the vomit), my eyes will tear up. Liners will smudge and mascaras will melt. If I really wanted to wear mascara, I’d ALWAYS opt for waterproof ones. Others won’t work. What else? Ah, lipstick of course. I’ve been using my Dior Lip Glow because my lips have been looking pale and feeling dry. This Coral Glow brings back life to my lips while conditioning them. For this photo particularly, I did tightline my eyes, you know, just because it’s more photogenic 😛




There, another rambling post, sneaked into this supposed stash shopping (planned to post this past Sunday, but failed desperately)! How sneaky. Heh 🙂 Guys, please don’t feel the need to tell me to feel better. I feel like a whiner because that’s all I’ve been complaining lately. However, why don’t you tell me your vomiting experience? Hahahah! That’d be fun. Maybe your first hangover, or your first morning sickness, whatever…. you can even make fun of me, I don’t care. Like, “get over it, Lily. You’re not the only one who’s been through this”…”You’ll live”… something like that. C’mon. Go crazy. I dare ya!!


xoxo Lily