Pregnancy Update and Other Stuff

This is going to be a post where I yap and blab and ramble, so do feel free to close your window if you’re not up to incoherent thoughts šŸ™‚ This is also a post without pictures.

Yup, I said I wanted to blog more, and I thought I’d start with what I’ve been up to lately. I went and got pregnant and quit my job. I don’t have to go to work anymore (finally) and my morning sickness has eased off quite a bit (FINALLY!!!). I hope I didn’t jinx myself, because you know, I still feel like vomiting once in a while, but just not as bad. At least I can type without feeling woozy. I have been concentrating on myself, like tapering off work stress, sleeping more, and even staying away from makeup more than I thought I could! I have to find a new rhythm with all the extra time thrown at me, but what’s more overwhelming is also the time I can actually spend with my kids. I know being a full time mom is a really tough job so I have to prepare myself mentally and physically for the challenges ahead. God knows why I want another one. It’s crazy enough having to deal with 2 girls who have cat fights every day. LOL!

Since being MIA for a while, it felt weird taking FOTDs, you know? My old camera is a point and shoot and this new one I have requires a tripod, remote, etc so setting up is a hassle. Also, I really have to remember to put the camera higher than my eye level for the optic illusion of a slimmer face. Darn it. It’s all about the angle, people. ALL ABOUT THE ANGLE AND LIGHTING!!

Also, my mom is being a typical Asian mom. She’s worried about me putting on weight before I even put on weight. Like W.T.F. HAHAHAHA! Thank goodness I’m used to her. I mean, I still get cheesed off and just tune off sometimes, but most of the time (now, minus work stress hence higher nag tolerance) I can change the topic smoothly. I hope when I’m older I don’t turn into my mom but I have a BAAAAAAAD feeling… Hahaha! I still love her to death though šŸ™‚

So yeah, that’s all about my brain can handle. It’s shutting down soon. I look at the blog photos I took (and yet to be posted) and I give up. I look at my dirty brushes and I give up. I look at my growing boob size, and I totally give up (but hubs is happy). I look at my belly which is not supposed to be big yet but it’s bulging and I totally give up. Just give me some time so I can kick myself in the ass and get things moving. In the meantime, ramblings that don’t make sense is what you get šŸ™‚

If you actually read everything, WOW!! You are awesome!!


xoxo Lily


  • We’re here for you, Lily! And ugh, Asian moms… šŸ˜› I think you are a new generation so it is ok.

    • Lily

      LOL I sure hope so!

  • Icaria

    Yay Lily I’m glad the sickness it subsiding. Third baby? You rock so I’m in total in awww of you! No worries about the rambling, I personally love it, so ramble away darling! Oh and yes, I read the entire post! xx

    • Lily

      Then you’re AWESOME!

  • Yay, another post! <3
    I'm glad you shared this with us. Happy to hear that you're doing better!
    I've recently bought a high-end digital camera (not a DSLR) but I feel that I need to learn so much about this camera. Different companies sure make cameras with such differences!
    Anyway, stay healthy and happy! šŸ™‚

    • Lily

      Thanks Lena. Yes, need to learn and feel your way – the new camera I mean šŸ™‚

  • Tell me about Asian moms šŸ˜› I’m so glad you’re feeling better, but just focus on getting happy and rested for now!

    • Lily

      Yes I will! Definitely focusing on getting more rest šŸ™‚

  • I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, Lily, and cut yourself some slack! You’re not giving up, you’re freakin’ pregnant with a third baby! Btw, congrats on that account šŸ™‚ We love your ramblings!!!

    • Lily

      Hahaha thanks Monika. Yes, I’m friggin’ pregnant with a third baby. WHAT AM I THINKING??!?!!! Oh wait, it was lust speaking. BAHAHAHA!

  • Shu Ting

    I read until the end. Woot woot! šŸ˜€ Having read your post, I am mentally preparing myself for the time when I will be pregnant with 3rd baby (yeah… been a year and still keeping hopes high). Like you, I have 2 daughters and they constantly snarl at each other! One minute they’ll be playing nicely together, the next minute there will be “maaaammeeeeee… jie jie did this etc etc”. It’s usually the little one who cried/complained first although I am sure 99.99% of the time she’s the one who started the fight!!

    About weight. You SHOULD BE gaining weight my dear!!! This is the happiest moment of womanhood (IMHO) where we are actually excited about the extra weight gained! heeheee… Some poor lady suffered so much morning sickness that they actually loss weight (just heard a case… lost weight in the first 6 months!!). Aikkssss!! Don’t you worry. Soon food will taste heavenly again and until then your energy will pick up naturally. šŸ™‚

    Lastly, bravo and salute for making a decision to be off work. I really admire mums who could do that. It’s never an easy decision, but once you get used to it you will have so much fun. A different kind of creativity shall kick in. šŸ™‚ I was full time until my second one was born. When she was about 5 months old, we decided (very difficult one) to quit my job and stay to look after both girls. It was getting too much for my MIL to handle even with a maid to help out with cleaning bottles etc. So stressful everyday – work wise and family wise. So when we finally decided and I told my boss, she was very kind to offer me part time arrangement with flexible work days. And I took the chance. šŸ™‚

    Ooops… sorry for my own ramblings. I am so happy for you, and hope your baby will behave and not give you too much problems. haha šŸ˜‰ Looking forward to seeing your post, even ramblings like this one is so good to read! šŸ˜€ Wishing you and baby the very best of health. xxx

    • Lily

      I love long comments! I can get to know you better šŸ™‚ It’s quite difficult to get part time jobs here, so I can’t be bothered. Furthermore, I’m sleeping more now, I can get afternoon naps and it’s awesome. LOL!

  • liyeun

    I read it all, and I could feel ur sentiments, Lily! Moms are awesome no matter what, even when they are just annoying and insensitive with words towards their daughters. I am hoping for your smooth pregnancy!

    • Lily

      You’re right. Moms are awesome and I love mine… I just wish sometimes she’d say more positive things. HAHAHA!

  • 38noodles

    Rest well and pamper yourself! You deserve it šŸ™‚

    • Lily

      Thanks noodles šŸ™‚

  • Man your mom…is a peach lol. I guess everyone’s mom nags about something. My mom never forgave me for just doing chemistry in uni-she wanted me to be a doctor. And even at my wedding shower kept telling people: She COULD have been a doctor if she really wanted to. MOM. MY decision. MY life.
    I’m glad you’re feeling better! And don’t worry about wight gain for cripes sake. You’re supposed to gain weight. GEEZE MOM.

    • Lily

      HAHAHAH! I hope I didn’t make my mom sound like a monster. She’s really lovely I swear, but you know, ALL ASIANS seems to be like that. They comment very liberally about other people’s appearance >__<

  • Yep I read everything. Don’t worry, everything else is more important. Oh no Asian mums, yeah thankfully my mum (who I also love to death) doesn’t show too much obsession with how I look (which I look ok, hey!!) but I do get the occasional oh your ass looks bigger, or you should no do that to your hair or whatever… Besides, I agree with Tracy, now is the time to put on weight again! šŸ™‚ I’m glad you’re feeling less nauseas so you can enjoy your two girls more now.

    • Lily

      You guys are totally awesome. Yeah, what’s with Asians and weight and looks eh? So much that some Asian nations are known for their plastic surgery procedures!
      But seriously, I need to watch the weight gain especially when I started the pregnancy being overweight >_<

  • Hey Lily, wow your mama isn’t being too nice :p I get it though. Mine isn’t too bad, but occasionally she makes snarky comments that totally set me off! You’re about to support another PERSON, so weight gain is more than normal! Don’t let her rattle you :p

    • Lily

      Nah, I suppose I know where she comes from. Putting on weight too rapidly during pregnancy can spark off other health concerns and she’s worried that I’d go crazy and take pregnancy as an excuse to stuff myself. But still. I AM supposed to put on weight, just not too much šŸ™‚

  • If ‘giving up’ means you just come online to ramble with us, then I’m a fan! šŸ˜€
    You are so beautiful (AT ALL ANGLES), brilliant and hilarious, Lily! You can handle anything.

    • Lily

      Yeah Kate, I’m afraid that’s all I can do. My giving up means you guys have to bear with my rambling more often. But if it makes you a fan, then I’ll ramble more often. HAHAHAHA!

  • OMG Lily!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I must have missed a post because I just found out about the pregnancy! Yayyyyy! So exciting!
    And yes, I read your whole post even without photos. Pfftt, so you’ve been putting on weight, so what? If you can’t put on weight when can you? LOL.
    Sooo many changes happening in your life, but I’m sure it will all be for the best.

    • Lily

      I KNOW! So many changes!!! And suddenly I feel a little lost. I’m sure I’ll get my bearing soon, but I’m happy to just sleep more often now. LOL!

  • Sataa Zaidi

    Congratulations!!! take good care of yourself šŸ™‚

    • Lily

      Thanks Sataa. I will šŸ™‚

  • Petrina Chin

    Congratulations !!

    • Lily

      Thanks Petrina šŸ™‚

  • Duanne Lee

    Congrats Dear.
    Catch up with you soon (when I’m on leave).

    • Lily

      Yes when you’re on leave šŸ™‚

      • Duanne Lee

        I’m on leave next Monday. … free?

  • Liz

    Lol angles and lighting – I’m starting to realize that just recently. Listen, I’m happy to read your rambles any time, so just pound away at the keyboard whenever you’re bored. And I don’t think that we’ll be anything like our moms. Small things here and there, but we’re so conscious of some of the things that we’re determined not to inherit that I just can’t see it. šŸ™‚

    • Lily

      Aaw… I love you LIZ! You’re awesome šŸ™‚

  • Nida Moughal

    Congrats Lilly! I am expecting too and my morning sicking is fading away now. . I wish you a healthy pregnancy.

    • Lily

      Congratulations Nida. I with you a beautiful pregnancy journey too!

  • Congratulations! I think just go mad and indulge… now you have the excuse šŸ™‚

    • Lily

      HAHAHA!! No no, can’t go mad and indulge, but I will indulge once in a while šŸ™‚

  • Congratulations, on quitting your job (we should start a club together) but of course most of all with the pregnancy! I laughed so hard when I read about your mom already worrying about you gaining baby weight, haha šŸ™‚ I hope everything goes smoothly with the pregnancy, not too many pains and discomforts, and that the baby is born happy and healthy šŸ™‚

    • Lily

      Thanks Melissa šŸ™‚ I hope everything goes smoothly too. This pregnancy is notably tougher than my other 2, and I’m thinking it’s probably due to my age. I hope I’ll be feeling better soon because I suddenly developed a sinus infection from these crazy pregnancy hormones!

  • HAHAHAH if I ever have kids I am staying farrrrrr away from my Asian relatives…or I’ll tune them all out at least. Congratulations darling! Great that you are taking some time to focus on yourself, hope all is well. P.S. ramble anytime, I enjoy these šŸ™‚

    • Lily

      I feel like that’s all I can do lately. Rambling. Even reviews (IF I do them) sound like rambling. LOL!

  • Catching up on blogposts after traveling and oh my.. I must’ve missed another post because I don’t think I knew you were pregnant! CONGRATULATIONS!
    I think at one point we all end up acting a little like our moms, but just because we care and love so much and obviously they do too. In a sometimes quite obnoxious way šŸ˜‰ Good that you quit your job too – right now it’s important to focus on yourself, the girls, the babies.. And the future. Which is going to be very busy but mostly very fun! I was an au pair right before I started working full time in a family of four kids and it was just wonderful for them! Very busy for the mom and I, but mostly a lot of fun and happiness for them. I think having more than one sibling is probably super fun!

    Looking forward to reading more of your updates. Hope you’re well and not too sick!

    • Lily

      Thank you Isabelle and I hope you enjoyed your trip! My morning sickness is ebbing away but something else is popping up. SIGH! I do hope it’ll get more comfortable soon but looks like it won’t be too soon. HAHAHA! I think you guys will know when I’m feeling better – that’s when I’ll be posting more šŸ™‚

  • Victoria

    Congratulations Lily šŸ™‚ I am so happy for you. Enjoy pregnancy and being at home for good. I am sure your girls are thrilled to have you around at home.

    • Lily

      Thank you Victoria šŸ™‚ I’m more thrilled to be at home myself. LOL!

  • I’m so happy for you Lily! What a fantastic update and may you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. I totally agree that being a SAHM is tough. My mum had three girls and she still continued working as a teacher. She said she admires women who are full time mums and I kind of fell into being one – i.e. I work from home (have my own biz but it’s not super busy for now) so I didn’t think it was necessary to have any other arrangement. I am in the midst of looking for a regular babysitter so I can have some alone time (and keep my sanity) 1-2 times a week. The bub is still breastfed so I am not willing to have a more drastic change in routine as yet. All the best and am so looking forward to more updates about your pregnancy, your girls, and how it is being at home. Forget about blogging for now – enjoy the moment!!

    • Lily

      Thanks YuMing. I have been feeling a little better though. I mean, I’m finally replying comments, right? Hahaha!

  • Jan S

    Congratulations! very happy to hear the good news. Your home will be noisier but happier. I’m sure your girls are thrilled to have another brother or sister. Mine keep asking me for another but we are done @ 4 kids šŸ™‚ enjoy your pregnancy and extra time at home. Will be looking forward to more beauty news, I’m sure you won’t be able to take a break for too long!

    • Lily

      Oh! 4 kids!! Yeah, that’s enough for me too. LOL!

  • So happy to hear the morning sickness/nausea has eased off a bit and I hope it’s stayed that way! Oh dear, I don’t think I could deal with my mom reminding me not to put on weight when I’m preggers! You are more patient and tough than I am, lol! You are beautiful – and quite thin – just stating that for the records books! I hope your preggercy is rolling along smoothly and you’re feeling good. Lots and lots of lurve! <3

    • Lily

      Thank you Kristen! All your positive comments really made my day šŸ™‚