Review: Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Powder in Candlelight

I’ve read a lot about Kevyn Aucoin’s sculpting powder and highlighter as a powerful duo, 2 products that give you instant believable cheekbones in a few minutes. I thought I’d pick one to try, and since I only have 2 powder highlighters in my collection, I don’t mind adding another one. I have enough eye shadows, blushes and lipstick to last me for at least a decade, but highlighters… I don’t use them much at all, and never had that penchant for them. The Candlelight I have is in the new packaging. I read that for the same price, we’re actually getting less product and also without a brush. For me, the shocker came in the size.


Candlelight KA Candlelight


It’s not exactly a luxurious packaging. It’s just functional simple plastic. As you can tell from the photo above, it’s really very small. The product inside that small package doesn’t look like much either. It can pass off as an eye shadow, and compared to my Burberry eye shadows, this isn’t that much bigger. Imagine my total WTF-ery reaction. It wasn’t an angry WTF, but more like an amused and hilarious WTFery. This is what I get for buying anything sight unseen and apparently, size does matter 😛


Candlelight pan Candlelight size


Size aside, let’s just compare it with my very limited collection of highlighters – Guerlain Cruel Gardenia and Dior Amber Diamond, both limited edition. See how minimalistic Candlelight is? However, I’m glad to note that now, I have 3 highlighters of different undertones. Dior Amber Diamond has a golden sheen (for the swatch below, I only used the 2 lightest shades) while Cruel Gardenia is pink. Candlelight is definitely neutral in comparison, making it universally flattering on all skintones. Of the 3, it gives you the least ‘bling’. It is very understated compared to the other 2 which give you bolder shine.


Highlighter comparison comparison swatches


During application, Candlelight kicks up a bit of powder, so I like to use a smaller fluffy brush, lightly tap the brush on the product before applying it on my face. I also use it to highlight my brow bone and the bridge of my nose and manage to look brighter, not shiny. I’m not sure if this is a must have for me, but then again, I’m not a highlighter fanatic. I usually skip highlighters in my makeup routine unless it’s for a special occasion where I have to take photos. Then, I’d even pull out my Notorious for a more photogenic session. During these few months when I hardly wear makeup, highlighters are really the least important thing >_<


Candlelight ingredients


What about you? Do you think highlighters are a must have? I bought my Candlelight on StrawberryNet but it’s also available on Cult Beauty UK, both ship internationally. I think it comes to roughly RM150 and for such a weenie bit of highlighter, I’d think twice. Of course, if you’re up for a believable healthy glow, then this is it! For me though, in this hot and humid country, I’d be glowing in sweat by noon so it’s definitely not a must have for me.


xoxo Lily