Another Short Rambling/Rant Post: Hong Kong

** This post contains very blunt and honest thoughts, my real life personal experiences that serve no prejudice to all mentioned. I’m sure there are very nice people around, and I did meet some during the 5-day stay. Experiences are my own and in no way should it affect your decision to visit. If you are sensitive and defensive, please do not proceed and just close this page.**


I swear I’ll write about something beauty related soon enough. Promise. For now…

I was deciding whether or not to filter this post and keep everything positive, but it just doesn’t sit well with me. It’s like lying to say everything is rosy when clearly it’s not. If my friends asked me how it felt giving birth, I’d first ask them if they really want to know or if they just want me to make them feel less nervous. What version do you want? Here, this post might make some people uncomfortable, or even insulted, so you know yourself. If you’re easily offended, do not read on. If you take everything with a pinch of salt, then go ahead. What’s written is not meant to offend, just personal experiences that aren’t so good. So I was gone for a while again (looks like it’s a regular thing lately), but this time, it’s for a little vacation. We took the kids to Hong Kong Disneyland, and stayed a few days to explore the place a little. We stayed at Royal Plaza in Mongkok and it’s a nice little hotel strategically located for those who seek convenience.

My first impression of Hong Kong was formed when I was still in the plane. I saw little vacant land but lots of tall buildings. I knew Hong Kong is packed, but I never expected it to be soooooooo packed. Shops are small, and the sheer number of people makes the place more claustrophobic. I like my laid back style of living, and I AM claustrophobic, so I know I can never live in a place like Hong Kong. If you love a busy lifestyle, you’d love it. For me, visiting for food, YES! I love the food in Hong Kong. Their noodles are great, their dim sums are fresh and I love how you can literally walk in the middle of the night without going hungry. I love the nuked honey chicken from 7 Eleven. LOL! So the whole time we were there, we just walked everywhere and stopped to snack on something then continued walking. I walked until my back hurt and I think I got shorter too.

I could see Sasa everywhere I went, but you know what? I went in for less than 5 minutes and had to walk out. TOO MANY PEOPLE! I can’t shop or look at things comfortably when a store is packed. Is it just me? Anyone else here feels that way? I didn’t know it was a long weekend, so there were many tourists from mainland China. I tell you, they’re not to be messed around with. From my limited experience when I was there, ALL encounters I had with them were horrible. I may have met with the worst when I was there but man! Those were some rude people. They shove and push getting in the train and they shove and push even in Sasa. I guess shoving and pushing are a thing? My experience also led me to believe that there is very little common courtesy left in this city. I took the train many times, and the train is crowded most of the time. Not once was I offered a seat, and youngsters took up the priority seats meant for the elderly and pregnant women. They’d just block the sounds of the world by putting on their headphones and look down playing with their phone. Their eyes remained on the phone even while walking and while on the escalator, so I was surprised I didn’t see someone fall flat on his/her face. LOL! However, my positive experiences are from the people who worked in malls and restaurants. They were all polite and helpful, and I hope it’s not because they’re paid to do so. I sincerely hope my experience is a unique one, and I also truly hope my pregnancy hormones made me more sensitive. I will go back to visit again one day, and I hope then, I can observe more positive behaviours and interactions.

Disneyland was fun, and both Chloe and Ashlyn had a blast. I just wished it wasn’t so friggin’ hot, but hey, at least it didn’t rain. The fireworks at the end of the night was a sight to behold. I’d go there again just to see it again! So anyway, I came back just a couple of nights ago, and was rushed to the hospital. I am in my second trimester of my pregnancy, and I had a sudden gush of fresh blood after shower. There was no pain or cramps so it was not time to panic just yet. I was in the ER and it’s nothing like the dramas you see on TV. They don’t rush to you immediately (unless it’s a life or death situation) and you still have to wait for the doctor to come in. I was there for about 3 hours, but I got an ultrasound to confirm the baby was healthy as an ox, and I got a damn painful jab (progesteron in oil form) – the pain lasted for about 5 minutes but it’s to ensure the safety of the bubs. So now I’m on hormone pills for 7 days. My next visit to my local OBGyn will be in a couple of weeks.

So yeah, exciting huh?


Now, anyone from China or Hong Kong want to kill me? Before you do, here are some photos…


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xoxo Lily