Another Short Rambling/Rant Post: Hong Kong

** This post contains very blunt and honest thoughts, my real life personal experiences that serve no prejudice to all mentioned. I’m sure there are very nice people around, and I did meet some during the 5-day stay. Experiences are my own and in no way should it affect your decision to visit. If you are sensitive and defensive, please do not proceed and just close this page.**


I swear I’ll write about something beauty related soon enough. Promise. For now…

I was deciding whether or not to filter this post and keep everything positive, but it just doesn’t sit well with me. It’s like lying to say everything is rosy when clearly it’s not. If my friends asked me how it felt giving birth, I’d first ask them if they really want to know or if they just want me to make them feel less nervous. What version do you want? Here, this post might make some people uncomfortable, or even insulted, so you know yourself. If you’re easily offended, do not read on. If you take everything with a pinch of salt, then go ahead. What’s written is not meant to offend, just personal experiences that aren’t so good. So I was gone for a while again (looks like it’s a regular thing lately), but this time, it’s for a little vacation. We took the kids to Hong Kong Disneyland, and stayed a few days to explore the place a little. We stayed at Royal Plaza in Mongkok and it’s a nice little hotel strategically located for those who seek convenience.

My first impression of Hong Kong was formed when I was still in the plane. I saw little vacant land but lots of tall buildings. I knew Hong Kong is packed, but I never expected it to be soooooooo packed. Shops are small, and the sheer number of people makes the place more claustrophobic. I like my laid back style of living, and I AM claustrophobic, so I know I can never live in a place like Hong Kong. If you love a busy lifestyle, you’d love it. For me, visiting for food, YES! I love the food in Hong Kong. Their noodles are great, their dim sums are fresh and I love how you can literally walk in the middle of the night without going hungry. I love the nuked honey chicken from 7 Eleven. LOL! So the whole time we were there, we just walked everywhere and stopped to snack on something then continued walking. I walked until my back hurt and I think I got shorter too.

I could see Sasa everywhere I went, but you know what? I went in for less than 5 minutes and had to walk out. TOO MANY PEOPLE! I can’t shop or look at things comfortably when a store is packed. Is it just me? Anyone else here feels that way? I didn’t know it was a long weekend, so there were many tourists from mainland China. I tell you, they’re not to be messed around with. From my limited experience when I was there, ALL encounters I had with them were horrible. I may have met with the worst when I was there but man! Those were some rude people. They shove and push getting in the train and they shove and push even in Sasa. I guess shoving and pushing are a thing? My experience also led me to believe that there is very little common courtesy left in this city. I took the train many times, and the train is crowded most of the time. Not once was I offered a seat, and youngsters took up the priority seats meant for the elderly and pregnant women. They’d just block the sounds of the world by putting on their headphones and look down playing with their phone. Their eyes remained on the phone even while walking and while on the escalator, so I was surprised I didn’t see someone fall flat on his/her face. LOL! However, my positive experiences are from the people who worked in malls and restaurants. They were all polite and helpful, and I hope it’s not because they’re paid to do so. I sincerely hope my experience is a unique one, and I also truly hope my pregnancy hormones made me more sensitive. I will go back to visit again one day, and I hope then, I can observe more positive behaviours and interactions.

Disneyland was fun, and both Chloe and Ashlyn had a blast. I just wished it wasn’t so friggin’ hot, but hey, at least it didn’t rain. The fireworks at the end of the night was a sight to behold. I’d go there again just to see it again! So anyway, I came back just a couple of nights ago, and was rushed to the hospital. I am in my second trimester of my pregnancy, and I had a sudden gush of fresh blood after shower. There was no pain or cramps so it was not time to panic just yet. I was in the ER and it’s nothing like the dramas you see on TV. They don’t rush to you immediately (unless it’s a life or death situation) and you still have to wait for the doctor to come in. I was there for about 3 hours, but I got an ultrasound to confirm the baby was healthy as an ox, and I got a damn painful jab (progesteron in oil form) – the pain lasted for about 5 minutes but it’s to ensure the safety of the bubs. So now I’m on hormone pills for 7 days. My next visit to my local OBGyn will be in a couple of weeks.

So yeah, exciting huh?


Now, anyone from China or Hong Kong want to kill me? Before you do, here are some photos…


IMG_6865 IMG_6878 IMG_6938 IMG_7009


xoxo Lily


  • Your daughters are adorable.

    I actually feel that way whenever I visit Korea, lol. Everyone is so rude and they push and shove and…maybe that’s just how people live in a crowded place. I don’t know! I’m sorry about your scare! But I’m glad everything is okay!

    • Lily

      Oh that was a scare alright! I associate fresh blood (quite a lot of it) with miscarriage so I was petrified.

  • I’ve gone to Hong Kong several times (since flights are cheap and it’s close to home), and it is a really heavily-populated place, and if there were people from Mainland China over for the long weekend, I can imagine how that might have exacerbated the crowd issue. I didn’t feel like they were particularly rude, but when I traveled to Mainland China (Beijing and Shanghai, different times), I noticed that they were quite pushy and shove-y, so it’s not just you. It’s probably just a cultural thing, though, and perhaps an automatic reaction to overcrowded areas.

    Glad you and the baby are OK!

    • Lily

      I hope it’s not an Asian / Chinese thing >_< Places get very crowded in Malaysia especially in KL during the holidays, and while some people do push and shove, it's not something I encounter ALL the time. People still said sorry or excuse me, you know?

  • Glad to hear everything is well and good with you and the baby!

    I know what you mean with with claustrophobic-ness of HK especially on a long weekend. Also endured very rude behavior from Mainlanders (but not necessarily always limited to) but I’ve seen an increase of shop assistants politely putting them in their place and alerting them that there is a queue or that they are already serving someone else.

    Sadly the priority seat issue isn’t unique to HK. In Taipei, I’ve witnessed a teens arguing back at the elderly when asked to give up the seat.

    At least you got some great food and enjoyed your time with your family in Disneyland!

    • Lily

      Perhaps it’s the youngsters nowadays who are getting more and more self absorbed. I’ve always thought, even in my own country, that the younger generation, the teenagers and the fresh grads who just came out to work, always kinda felt self entitled and have bigger heads. I dunno. Again, maybe it’s just the few privileged ones who never endured hardship.

  • liyeun

    Glad your baby and you are doing just fine. I do wish people around the world have more awareness towards pregnant ladies and to be fair, when I was pregnant, i had faced what you had here in KL. I am so happy to see your girls smiling and posing at the camera, at least you and your family had some happy moments!

    • Lily

      I’m glad bubs is OK too! Rude people are everywhere, but it’s quite rampant there. LOL! Nearly all my friends told me that if I never encountered some sort of rudeness, I’ve never been to Hong Kong. For a country to have a reputation like that? Kinda bizzare!

  • Oh, thank God you and your baby are okay!
    I’ve never been to Hong Kong but my sister seems to love it whenever she goes there to visit her in-laws. I think she loves the shopping and all the food! But we are from Seoul where is very crowded and lots of shoving and pushing happen (I mean, it was like that when I lived there.) New York, Seoul, HK or wherever, I wish we could do something about using headphones in public places. I myself never read or use earphones when I’m not properly seated. Music is a powerful thing and it controls people, and now all those noise-cancelling devices coming out, people are putting themselves in danger not to mention they cause dangers for others, too.
    I don’t think anyone is offended here. You’re sharing your personal experience on your personal blog and mainly talking about common sense and manners.
    Hope you stay well! xoxo

    • Lily

      Oh, LOVE the food in Hong Kong. I didn’t get to shop much because of the crowd though. I saw the queue to fitting rooms and even to the cashier and I nearly fainted. Hahaha!

  • Bella

    I’m just so glad you and the baby are ok. What very pretty little girls you have!!! I have been to Malaysia and all was very happy, chill and friendly indeed. But then the Netherlands contains some of the very rudest people on earth. They would not push or shove, but they would let doors swing shut in your face and say the most godawful things under the guise of being “honest and direct”. So really, i am surprised in countries where people smile and say sorry when they bump into you!

    • Lily

      LOL Bella!! I guess if I came from a place with more rude people, I’d think Hong Kong is a norm. Hahahaha! Love your reverse experience 🙂 I’d love to think Malaysia is a place with many warm and friendly people who are especially hospitable. In general, where I live, if we were asked for directions and if we had the time, we’d take you there personally.

  • Beautiful girls! I have a friend – Chinese but was born and raised here in the Philippines – who visited Mainland China and was appalled at the rudeness by most of the people there. They dont just shove and push, when they dont get their space in the train despite those, they spit. On you. Some on the face, some on the body. Especially if they know you’re a tourist. She vowed never to go back there again (and she’s Chinese). No offense meant to all Chinese people, just those who practice these and have no manners 🙁

    Glad you and the baby are great! Do take care and don’t tire yourself!!

    • Lily

      OK Shari, that’s scary. I wouldn’t know what to do if someone spat at me. Maybe gag from disgust, but I’d probably watch my temper in case I get bashed up on top of being spat at!! Hahaha!

  • Hey Lily, phew I’m glad to hear the baby is OK! You were probably too tired!

    I know what you mean by being claustrophobic. I went to HK once when I was about 10, and we were invited to my mom’s college friend’s place for dinner. Even then, I was acutely aware of how teeny tiny their place was, and I think by local standards, that’s already a spacious apartment!

    Anyways, glad to hear the girls had a blast! They are super adorable! It’s nice to see them having so much fun there 🙂

    • Lily

      Hey Sunny, maybe I walked too much but the doc said it wasn’t the case. I dunno. Even at home, I tend to avoid crowded places. It gets crazy here during the holidays because Ipoh is known for its great food. So we avoid those touristy places on long weekends.

  • ACCK! I’m glad you and the baby are ok! That must have been scary! Rest up and take it easy!
    Wow, I didn’t realize Hong Kong was like that. I’d get SO PISSED OFF man. You don’t wanna shove me man, hahaha! I’d love to go see Hong Kong Disneyland, but if I ever did I guess I’d just stick to the park and that’s it! Your daughters are adorable.

    • Lily

      I’ve been taking it easy for sure, Tracy! I was a ridiculous scare and I think I kinda zoned out for a while, not dealing >_<

  • First and foremost, I am so happy you and baby are healthy and okay! I am so sorry you had that scare! I hope it’s smooth sailing from here on out. And ya know what? I like your honesty. It’s a great trait! I’ve never visited HK, but a good friend of mine who is very well-taveled has and she was shocked to the core about things she observed there. She actually left 2 days EARLY just to get out! I personally hate shopping in crowded stores! If I have to go to a store, I try to get it done during an early lunch break! Otherwise, I’m ALL about online shopping! No one pushes you out of the way to look at the NARS display (the Sephora near my house always has some sort of struggling on the NARS aisle…very annoying as it’s one of my favorite aisles to peruse!) and no one cares if it’s 4 a.m. and you’re not dressed up or wearing pretty makeups! 😀

    • Lily

      OMG! Looks like my experience is not a unique one at all. So many people encounter the same thing, it’s ridiculous 🙁 I’m happy we’re both OK too… but for now, we’re keeping it safe. I’m just doing the most basic things and keeping walking to a minimum. I’d panic sometimes and go to the toilet to check though. LOL!

  • Honey

    I totally get you Lily. I had the MOST unpleasant experience way back, maybe 8 years ago, when we unintentionally collided our holidays with the holidays in China. OMG!!! Let’s just keep it short and safe and say that my feelings and thoughts were like yours. But I do like Hong Kong (for food and shopping!) and it remains a regular holiday place for us. The up side is we really appreciate our lives back home where it is really more open and spacious everywhere.

    Glad that you and baby are ok. Maybe all that walking had been just a little too much for you. Rest well and hope to see you back soon.

    • Lily

      Oh Honey, you’re so right that I appreciate my home! Ipoh is a laid back place and not many people are in a hurry – though, when you actually ARE in a hurry, you’d be tremendously annoyed. This experience won’t stop me from visiting again, but I’d be more careful in picking the time to visit 🙂

  • Lily

    OMG yes, they still play that escalator message which totally cracked me up!! It was such a problem that a message had to be displayed. I don’t think it made a difference though. Heheh and that video. Where do you find these videos???!!!! LMAO it’s sooooooo funny!! I want to be like him too. So cool. That blank stare. Hahahaha!

  • Liz

    Your girls are so cute! Glad you guys enjoyed Disney. 🙂 Someone here once said that in the subway during rush hour, you really need to avoid the little old Chinese ladies because they are actually the worst (or best, depending on your POV, lol) when it comes to pushing and shoving their way through the crowd. I haven’t had to take the rush hour commute regularly in a long while, but the last time I did, I think I realized that the daily crowd-maneuvering really contributed a lot to a constant state of aggravation. Work was bad enough without having to come in angry at the beginning of the day EVERY SINGLE DAY. I’ve heard Hong Kong was super crowded from everyone who went, and I don’t doubt that the claustrophobia can be unpleasant for many to say the least. Congrats on not murdering anybody! Yay! LOL

    • Lily

      LOL I wouldn’t dare to murder anyone. I was afraid I was murdered within the chaos! Hahaha

  • Shu Ting

    Hellooo Lily! Phew! I am so glad your baby and you are all right! What a frightening moment! Both Chloe and Ashlyn looked so happy!

    I am with you on the rant bit. I’ve met quite a few unpleasant (and weird!) ones myself, while staying in a student accommodation for a few years. Meanwhile, I have also met one or two really nice ones who would roll their eyes at this kind of behaviours by their own people. So I think it sorts of balance out my hatred for those bad seeds… hehe

    I don’t like shopping in a crowded space either. Gets me dizzy every time.

    And on not being offered a seat in a public transport… I used to be very upset about it as well, during my pregnancies. Then I try to think of it this way: maybe they just thought you are a bit… over-weight? :p You know, offering your seat to a woman you think is pregnant but is actually not… it can be quite embarrassing. :p My colleague who had to take a public bus, was forced to wear the tank dress (or pregnancy uniform – you know those one piece dress with absolutely no waistline?) just so people recognise her as a pregnant lady and would give up their seats for her. I swore to never wear a tank dress in my life, so I would politely ask the person if I can have the seat because I was pregnant. I usually get away with it when I speak English. When you speak English in Thailand, suddenly people’s attitude towards you changes (to better). hehehe

    • Lily

      LOL LOL! You might be right too. I’m not heavily pregnant yet, so imagine if I’m just fat with a huge belly and not pregnant. HAHAHA! That would be embarrassing if I was offered a seat then 😛

      • Shu Ting

        If that really happens, be thick face and accept the kind offer!!! 😀 Nobody has to know the truth! :p

        • Lily

          LOL you’re right. If they knew, it’d be embarrassing for BOTH of us. Hahaha!

  • Panda

    Hi Lily! we are from NY and our family went for vacay to HK for 2 wks in April. And I completely agree with you! HKers are nice and considerate meanwhile the influx of the mainlanders are not! All the rude/obnoxious and pushing/shoving even skipping lines people are the people from China mainland! It is horrible and even lots of HKers are protesting and complaining about it. So very uncivilized.

    • Lily

      Eeps! Sorry to hear that happened to you too, Panda. I’m hoping all are not lost, and all these shoving and pushing will just make us stronger. Hahahah!