Sunday Stash Shopping #25: Liquid Liner

The return of the liquid liner. If you read my previous posts, you’d know I’ve been skipping liners, but hey! Not only have I been using eye liners, I’ve been using liquid liners! That only means one thing: I’m not gagging and vomiting anymore. Yay! Well, I’d still feel nauseated sometimes, but not as bad as having to run to the washroom. Now, say it with me: WOOHOO!!!

I’m still keeping everything simple, and it’s a look without any eye colour. Just an eye liner and a mascara. Of course, this look can be done using a pencil liner, but the line won’t be as crisp. Gel liners are a great substitute if you find it easier working with a brush, but I’ve wanted to use up my one and only liquid liner – the Diorshow Art Pen which I reviewed before. Sad thing it isn’t waterproof because it’d be perfect otherwise. I think I’ll be searching for a more affordable liquid liner after this, so any recs appreciated.



For the rest of the face, I keep it simple. I’m still using my Bobbi Brown BB Cream because it’s easy, and I’ve been pairing it with pale pink lips and cheeks. Said pale pinks are Burberry Peony and Estee Lauder Envy Shine Lipstick in 410 Mischievous Rose – both reviews YET to be written, so I’ll keep my opinions to myself first. For mascara, I used Clinique Lash Power Volumizing Mascara (not photographed) which I received as a gift with purchase. I like that the brush is really small, but it’s not volumizing enough. I should’ve chosen a lengthening one because that might work better for this look. The liner masks my short lashes, so I guess it would have looked better with some natural false lashes. Talking about false lashes, I’ve been reading lots about Esquido and I’d really like to try that!

After all that la di dah, here’s the final look.


look1 look2


Now that I’ve posted my photos, I realized I should have probably applied some concealer under my eyes and around my nose. I’ve been losing sleep because I have blocked nose particularly at night, and my nose has been super sensitive, which explains the Rudolph. Doctor says it’s hormones so there’s nothing I can do. Ah well, could be worse 😛

It’s also a total coincidence that Lisa Eldridge posted a video on how to get that Alexa Chung look (her famous cat eye) on her YouTube after I scheduled this post! She used peach and nude on Alexa’s cheeks and lips and I’ll try that one day. Hope you liked this simple look 🙂


xoxo Lily