Too Many Random Thoughts

Are you always logical and have your head sitting securely on your shoulders? Are you the type of person who is always curious and would do silly things “just because”? Do you over analyze? Or do you let go of things easily? I’m all the above, depending on situation. So what am I? LOL! My sinus was very unkind to me the last 2 nights and when there’s no sleep, my mind starts to do very weird things.




  1. I realised thoughts are just thoughts. Now that I’m trying to think back to what I thought to put it down in writing, they kinda disappeared on me. WTF. Story of my life.
  2. Oh yeah, there was an article on Facebook about some children being a Noticer. Basically the child would stop to do his or her own thing, to observe things instead of immediately doing what you want him or her to do. I have “a Noticer” too. Ashlyn is one. But dude, I’m not going to stop saying “hurry up” to her for fear I’d ruin her! I believe children need structure and discipline, and they need to play as well. Everything in moderation so they know how to enjoy life AND how to work for what they want. I don’t want to raise a person who has no sense of time just because she’s stopping to smell the flowers! And saying “hurry up” to a child will not break her. I see a lot of articles which encourageĀ parents to let their childrenĀ find themselves. Let them do what they want, do not say this, do not say that to them, do not push them…I hope they won’t grow up to be a bunch of sissies who crumble at the first sign of pressure or unpleasantness. Children are much stronger than you think.
  3. Please, if you have Facebook accounts, stop sharing fake gory articles. Also, what about those “LIKE” if you care photos? If you really care, do something about it. Not just to get “Likes” for a stupid photo. *SPAM*
  4. Yes, lack of sleep means crankiness for this writer. Get on with the program. More complains in number 5.
  5. Remember that mother / blogger with a hot body who said “What’s your excuse”? I think her name is Maria. People, if I could look like that after my third child, I don’t care how much hating I get! I don’t see what’s so offensive about it, but I did see a lot of defensive people. You can’t control what she or other people choose to say, but you can choose how you react to it. OK, fine. Some commenters went overboard saying those defensive ones are the fat chicks. HAHAHA! Personally, I am overweight, I admire her dedication and she’s a great source of motivation. Takes a lot of effort, time and self control to get that body (PLUS taking care of 3 kids) so I say BRAVO, you sexy bitch! I want to be like you one day!
  6. I think I have sinned as a beauty blogger. I don’t think I love makeup as much anymore. *gasp*!!!
  7. There have been some deep and meaningful thought sharing in the beauty blogging community lately. We might like taking care of our skin and putting on some makeup, but we’re not a bunch of stupid people. In fact, I know a lot of bloggers who are professionals in real life and they earn good money NOT through their blog. There might be a few rotten eggs in the community, but it’s only normal. People who judge should look at themselves, and some things are better left unsaid. Didn’t your mamma teach you that?
  8. Then again, there are ALWAYS nasty people who say stupid things. So why react and fuel the nasty?
  9. I thought I could complain and rant more, but it’s actually very exhausting! I think this is a good exercise slash therapy. In my mind, it seemed neverending, but now that I’m writing it down, it’s just tedious. Hah!!

Do you have something in your heart and mind you want to let out? Rant away! You can say things like “Lily, stop writing these random stuff on your beauty blog and just stick to makeup and skincare” in which my reply will be “This is my personal blog and I choose what I want to write. Your eyes are yours so you choose what you want to read”

That’s my most polite way of saying I don’t give a shit. In case you’re wondering.


xoxo Lily