Femme Boulevard: Vamp

It’s still end of July, and in some places, it’s still summer, and in others, it’s winter. We decided to do something different, and by that, we’re feeling vampy. The first thing I thought of was to pull out my darker lipsticks. How exciting 🙂 Then, I was debating whether to keep my eyes minimal, or to go all out dark. I haven’t been playing much with eye shadows for a few months now, and I took this opportunity to actually use some of my eye shadows! Dark eyes it is. I was going to use black only but….. it kinda got out of hand. Heh!

For the base, I wanted something flawless, so I used my newly purchased Lancome Blanc Miracle SPF50 liquid foundation, set with my well loved Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle powder foundation. To avoid looking like a goth, I added some pink using Dior Rosy Glow blush.


face products


For the eyes, I took out my Estee Lauder Violet Underground eye palette. Initially, I wanted to use the black shadow wet, then when I was blending, I thought I’d add some purple on top of the black. Then, I thought, hhmmm…. maybe add a little pink on the inner corner, then a little beige / gold on the bottom lash line. It got way out of hand when I lined my lower lashlines using the purple because I slipped and pulled the liner way off. I worked with the error and drew on another flick on the lower lashline. I haven’t tried drawing on the inner corners of my eyes before, so why not, since the look already turned out editorial. LOL! Of course, for such a dark look, lashes are a must. Otherwise, my natural lashes will just disappear.

I’ve been wanting to use my Burberry Bright Plum lip pencil and lipstick for the longest time, and hey, this is just THE opportune moment! Instead of just lining my lips, I used the lip pencil to colour my lips before adding the lipstick. Turned out super vampy!


eyes and lips


Want to see the final look? The look is so vampy I didn’t feel right smiling. The whole time I was taking the photos, I was thinking to myself, “I’m a biatch, I’m a biatch”… it did make the whole thing easier, since I do have a bitchy resting face. LOL!




Here is a closer look on the eyes. The pink on the inner corner of my eyes didn’t show up much in the photos, oh well. The purple showed up much better than I wanted though. I wanted the black to be more prominent, but this is OK too 🙂




And this is just a goofy one. Gosh, all wrinkles around my eyes are out!




How did you like the look? I had a simpler version in my mind at first, and then it just turned out like this. Hahaha! Makeup is so much fun and unexpected. Please remember to check out the looks that Kate the Driveller and Lilit of Makeup and Macaroons did!


xoxo Lily