Femme Boulevard Goes On Vacation

This month, we decided to show you vacation looks. What makeup would I wear during a vacation? I just came back from Hong Kong recently and it was really hot there. So, I shall share with you REALISTICALLY what I did. For realz. I was out and about the whole time, mostly in the sun, hence there was bound to be sweat and grime. I was hardly in air conditioned places, and it is IMPOSSIBLE for makeup NOT to melt in 33 Celcius hot and humid weather. Even at night, we’d be walking so much, it’s hard not to sweat. So, for that type of vacation, my staples are a hat, sunscreen, sunnies and wet wipes.




I got that hat from Disneyland and the visor blocks UV rays. SO COOL!! Screw fashionable hats. I don’t want to be fried after the vacation. It is such a crowded country that no one would bother to look at me and hey, I’m not from there so nobody even knows me! Sunglasses are a must so I don’t have to squint my eyes the whole day and sunscreen. The one I have is a generic one which is very affordable. I lose things when I travel, and I’d hate to lose or break a Gucci or a Tom Ford pair of glasses. For me, I drown myself in sunscreen and for this trip, I have the Biore makeup wipe with me so I could clean my face before reapplying sunscreen nearly every 3 hours.

For a day I know there won’t be much outdoor activities, I’d still keep my makeup light. BB Cream as my base, brows to frame my face, liner, mascara and a light lip colour. It is exactly the look I did for my most recent Sunday Stash Shopping. It is hassle free, natural but defined. I have been very boring with my makeup lately, not experimenting much and keeping everything to a minimum. It’s also the only look that came to my head for this post, because I’m boring like that 😛




I’m sure my fellow Femmes will have better ideas on makeup looks. It’s just that for me, I can’t be bothered much with makeup when I’m travelling to hot humid places. It’s a different thing when I go some place cooler though 🙂 What about you?

Do check out what Joey, Kate (these 2 beauties unfortunately can’t join us this round) Lilit and Teri have prepared for you! Until next time…


xoxo Lily