Review: Bobbi Brown CC Cream SPF 35+++

It’s the alphabet cream again. You guys should know by now that Bobbi Brown BB Cream is my favourite. I’ve been featuring it in most of my FOTD posts because well, I really like it! So when I got the chance to test the CC Cream, I was not as skeptical as I’d be. CC Creams are colour correcting creams and Bobbi Brown promises instantly healthy looking even toned skin with the use of this CC Cream as a base. I was sent Pale Nude (there is also Warm Nude for darker complexions) and this is my review.


CC Cream Bobbi Brown


My first thought? The resemblance with the BB Cream is uncanny. In fact, I have to separate these 2 creams in my makeup box just so I won’t mistake them for each other. Pale Nude is a lavender pink tone suitable for fair skin tones. It is a shade that corrects varying levels of sallowness and dullness but I find that the lavender didn’t do much for my skin redness. I need yellow to counter the redness, but the lavender pink did not emphasize either, thank goodness. This CC Cream also has skincare benefits – with prolonged use, skin becomes brighter and more even toned. The Sodium Hyaluronate moisturizes the skin to prevent dehydration. I honestly don’t use it enough to tell, but the most important thing is that it doesn’t dry out my skin nor does it break me out. In the swatch below, it definitely looks lavender, but it applies sheer on the skin. The texture is similar to the BB Cream, only lighter and even more weightless.


Bobbi Brown CC Cream BB and CC cream swatch


I am not one who uses primers on a daily basis. I only use it if I absolutely have to, and it’s usually for special occasions. The good thing about this CC Cream is that it can be worn alone on top of skincare to even out skintone. If you don’t have much blemishes, then you’ll like it. If you have to conceal, then there’s that. Conceal – with your concealer. This does not cover any imperfections. While it claims to diffuse them, I really can’t tell the difference. However, it definitely does brighten the skin. I hope you can tell from the photo below. I actually took these photos MONTHS ago using my old camera, but just never got around to WRITING it (sorry!). I remember very vividly that the patch where I applied the CC Cream was brighter.


swatch effect


The BB Cream in Light sometimes is a little dull on me, so I LOVE mixing both these products. The BB Cream in Extra Light is a little too light, but this CC and BB Cream mixture is awesome when I need my BB Cream to be a little lighter.


Bobbi Brown CC Cream ingredients


I can’t ask you to run and get it because I don’t use primers much, but it does work to brighten the skin. It feels a little more siliconey than the BB Cream though. Just an afterthought. Bobbi Brown CC Cream retails for RM160 and is available at all Bobbi Brown counters nationwide. Have you tried any Bobbi Brown bases?


xoxo Lily


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  • Huh. Interesting. You know the only shade adjusting product that I actually REALLY like is by MAC. I think it’s CC Creams they got too? I don’t know. These alphabet creams confuse the crap outta me still lol. Anyhoo-that one I like! But I think you hit the nail on the head actually-these CC Creams are more siliconey than BB Creams. Maybe that’s why they kinda’ annoy us?

    • Lily

      LOL! Perhaps most primers are more siliconey? I’m not sure.

  • The proof is in the pudding, the swatch definitely brightens the skin, but I am SO with you on primers – only use them next to never. I didn’t even use a primer on my face at my wedding. I should probably discard all of my primers immediately! Silicone makes my skin produce oil like it’s 1995 and there’s a school dance this weekend, LOL!

    • Lily

      Before I started blogging, I had a bottle of MUFE HD primer, and believe it or not, I actually used that up. I used it daily with my foundation, and it’s gone within a year. Never had that kind of achievement since then. LOL!

      • Right?!?! Pre-beauty blogging, I finished stuff all the time! It helps greatly when your stash could fit into a single makeup bag versus…well..slightly MOAR. I hit pan on my YSL Matt & Radiant Pressed Powder 2 mornings ago and I may or may not have squealed with joy. 🙂

  • Bella

    I don’t use primers either, the only ones I have (Nars, Hourglass, Laura Mercier) were gifts with purchase. And I just cannot keep a Bobbi Brown base on my face, it’s gone within two hours. There was a time, before I dared buy makeup online, that her bases were the only ones to which I had access with my NC 40-42 skintone, and I despaired. Now I have so many bases that stay put with just one light dusting of powder that I’ll never bother again. I do have her BB cream and her Tinted Moisturiser in medium still, but it’s probably old and I should probably discard it LOL.

    • Lily

      Many years ago, I only used Bobbi Brown foundations because of the shade match. I never realised whether or not it stayed on my face, but I was pretty nonchalant about makeup back then.

  • Hey Lily, I actually use primer when I want to look fancier/when I need my makeup to last, but I haven’t tried any color-correcting ones yet! I am more skeptical about those. For me it just feels like they could go really wrong! I have tried BB bases during makeovers and workshops, but I don’t own any. I like how they lean yellow. Works we’ll for my skin tone!

    • Lily

      Yes, the thing I love about Bobbi Brown foundations is that they lean yellow, just what I need! Not many people like that though.

  • I too mix this CC with other products which really luminizes it. Otheriwise in cooler weather I’ve worn this on its own and it was a very nice no-makeup base, needing only to add some concealer and maybe powder. But summer, it’s a little too rich in texture for my preferences.

    • Lily

      You’re right. This one slides a little with heat and sweat!!

  • I had a sample of this and I liked it as a base, too – did make my skin brighter and powder looked really good over it!

    • Lily

      I’m glad you can see it work! I was hoping I wasn’t the only one. LOL!

  • Liz

    Lavender toned things just make me look paler, which I think sometimes get confused for “brighter.” I think it does brighten the already pale but doesn’t work well for anyone beyond a certain shade range.

    • Lily

      You have a point. They do have another shade for those with darker skin tones. So, that might work for them. I had a primer from MUFE ages ago and I was recommended lavender as well! There’s just something about purple. Lol!

  • Interesting, I wasn’t expecting this to be a primer-type product or be that shade. I think lavender is brightening on certain skintones, but if they’re only making two shades, you’d think they’d choose a color that was a little more universally flattering. Still, the formula sounds great at least!

    • Lily

      I haven’t tried the other shade but this is definitely something for paler skin. Perhaps they’ll come up with other shades in the future?

  • Icaria

    LOL at the “Alphabet Creams” tag! This looks like an interesting one but I’m not sure I would like it since I need coverage on my cheeks. Now I’m interested in the BB, could be a good one for me this winter. 🙂

    • Lily

      You should try the BB cream. It is definitely one of my favourites if not my only favourite!

  • I don’t know what to think of it, to be honest.

    • Lily

      Lol! Then don’t even bother. Makeup is supposed to be easy 🙂

  • Hmmm, I used to be a big BB cream fan but somehow lost steam after CC creams came out and perhaps I don’t have alot of redness on my face, I don’t feel I need it – does that even make sense? But good to hear Bobbi Brown does a great BB cream because it’s one of my fave brands. Should check it out next time I pass by a counter.

    • Lily

      I just wish they stopped at CC creams. Some brands just took it too far by having DD and EE creams. Like wtf. Lol!