Review: Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine in Mischievous Rose

I’ve had this lipstick for a few months now. At that time, Estee Lauder launched its new line of lipstick in the US and Europe – Pure Color Envy Sculpt. I was quite excited to try those pigmented lipsticks, but found out that in Asia, we get a different version. We get the Pure Color Envy Shine. I don’t know the difference, to be honest. I don’t have a Pure Color Envy Sculpt to compare. However, from pictures and reviews online, these are definitely different, not just the name.


EL Envy Shine


As most of you know, I’ve been feeling sick for the past few months, and I’ve only started feeling better in the last month or so. I didn’t wear much makeup, which explains the lack of makeup reviews lately. I was sent Mischievous Rose, a pale nude mauve on my lips. I tried the lipstick on without any other makeup, and I thought the colour was too nude for me. However, when I put on foundation, some mascara and blush, this lipstick actually looked like a pink nude. Go figure. Must be my skin sallowness.


EL Envy Shine Mischievous Rose


The lipstick goes on smooth and creamy and it remained emolient on my lips. It doesn’t feel oily or sticky like a balm, but it gives my lips a layer of smooth protection. This light colour doesn’t stay on for too long, and it doesn’t last an Asian meal at all. I can’t really tell if it leaves a lip ring either, because it’s hard to tell with nude. I can tell you however, that this lipstick has grown on me. At first, I wasn’t too sure about it, but the more I wear it, the more I like it! I have yet to go to an Estee Lauder counter to check out the shade range, and I should do that soon. If you’re a lipstick fiend, you might already have tried this. What do you think? This is how it looks on my lips. I’ve worn it a couple of times on the blog too.


lip swatch look2


I think the photo above is the most overused, but I’m just too lazy to take another photo. SORRY! These are permanent and retail for RM98, so there’s no hurry like limited edition items. Paris wrote a review a while back, and she has a brighter colour to show you –> link here. Did you get any?


xoxo Lily


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  • I am never drawn to these kinds of shades in store, but at home these are the ones I reach for the most, LOL.

    • Lily

      I didn’t think this shade worked on me either. It’s funny how makeup works šŸ™‚

  • It’s a beautiful shade on you, Lily! During the launch, I was annoyed they launched a different line in Asia, since I really wanted the red in the Sculpt line. But I do like these Envy Shines, they are comfortable on the lip, very good coverage for their creaminess, and none of the overpowering EL lippie scent.

    • Lily

      I know what you mean, Noodles! No scent at all! Their lipsticks usually have that strong fig smell. I’m so glad these don’t have it.

  • Really pretty on you Lily! I have one of these and love it as well.

    • Lily

      Thanks Tracy. The formula is very moisturizing šŸ™‚

  • Hey Lily, I really love this shade on you! It’s got enough pink not to be a nude nude, which is great šŸ™‚

    • Lily

      Thanks Sunny. This shade definitely grew on me.

  • I love that picture of yours. Abuse it away! šŸ™‚
    This is such a pretty nude pink. Looks awesome on you.

    • Lily

      Lol thanks Lena

  • Liz

    I’ve looked at some EL lip stuff and want a few things. This is so pretty on you! <3

    • Lily

      What caught your attention? Did you end up with any?

      • Liz

        I was looking at an orange gloss at the beginning of summer and now a vampier shade. But I fear I have too many of everything as usual, lol.

        • Lily

          I was going to say never too many, but I’ve been feeling that every time I see something. Maybe I’ll think about it after I get rid of some stuff.

  • That looks like such a wearable nude lip colour! I love it and I love this whole range. Amazing lipsticks at a nice price šŸ™‚ Thanks for the link love!

    • Lily

      Not bad for EL indeed. At least they did away with the scent šŸ™‚

  • Victoria

    It looks lovely on you and it must be the pregnancy glow. I have not been feeling that well the last 5 weeks too because of my evening sickness and have avoided looking at makeup stuff. But I do need to get one of these Pure Color Envy Shine lipsticks because it is so highly raved about. Once I feel like my old self again, will visit the EL counter šŸ™‚

    • Lily

      Definitely take your time. Took me about 5 months to actually have the urge to put on makeup!

  • silverkis

    Lovely everyday color, i can see alot of girls going crazy over this one! And you look soooo pretty… congratulations on the lil bub on its way!

    • Lily

      Thank you dear! This is a lovely nude šŸ™‚

  • You look so glowy and pretty, happy to hear you’re feeling better! It looks like a really nice smooth formula, and the color is perfectly MLBB. Like it!

    • Lily

      Not too bad right? But definitely need full faced makeup to go with it.

  • Happy to read you’ve been feeling better!
    Love this pinky nude on you, you look pretty radiant in the pic so go ahead and overuse it šŸ˜‰

    • Lily

      Lol lol thanks Isabelle!

  • Shu Ting

    Hellooo Lily! I think this lipstick is so pretty you can wear it alone – without eyeliner etc. Maybe a tiny bit of blush and that’s it. šŸ˜€ Thanks for this review. I need to tone down my lipstick shade!! HAHAHA

    • Lily

      Well, if bright lipsticks rock your boat, I say go right ahead! Hahaha!

  • Lily

    Thank you!