Sunday Stash Shopping #26: 4 Dior Rouge Samples

So who here doesn’t know Dior Rouge and Dior Addicts are my favourite formula in lipsticks? I’ve had this sample for months, and I didn’t use it. I honestly didn’t know what I was thinking, but I’m glad I opened it for this post. The shades have been out for a while already, so you probably have seen them. The shades are 999, Grege 1947 (169), Darling (567) and Trafalgar (539). I decided to wear them with cooler metallic eyes so I took out my neglected Urban Decay Naked2 palette. For foundation, I used my MUFE HD foundation which still has about half a bottle left.




I forgot how much I liked the HD foundation and how easily it evened out my complexion without feeling heavy. I also nearly forgot how to apply eye shadows properly, since I haven’t been practicing. That would be a shame! I think I need to put my skillz to werk more often! Then, the lipstick sample. I love ALL FOUR! 999 turns out to be a chili red that leans a little coral, Grege 1947 matches my lips perfectly making it the most awesome nude ever, Darling is a happy bright pink while Trafalgar is a nice orange coral on me. Here are the swatches:




And here’s how they look on me.


999 Darling Grege 1947 Trafalgar


Which shade do you like best? In photos, bright lips always look better, but the lighter ones are usually the most wearable, don’t you agree? All 4 are different – except that Trafalgar is a brighter coral in real life, and Darling is a brighter pink. Have you tried any of these? I know I’ll get a lot of wear from Trafalgar and Grege 1947 but my stash just doesn’t warranty a purchase at the moment. I’ll keep them in my wishlist so when I really feel a strong urge to buy, I’d get them.


xoxo Lily