New Dior 5 Couleur Eye Shadow Swatches

I went to have a look at all the Dior 5 Couleur Eye Shadow palettes the other day and a few caught my eye. I took swatches of all the testers they have, but they don’t have the Bar palette. I guess it’s no biggie, since I’ve been reading lots of reviews on this particular palette anyway 🙂 The pictures are taken under fluorescent lighting, so it’s a little cooler. I tried correcting the colours as best I could, but they’ll give you a rough idea of what the colours look like. I’ll also give you my first impressions of the palettes, feeling them only with my fingers, so the brief reviews might not be too accurate. The colours are swatched dry on unprimed skin, clockwise from top left, ending with the centre shade. Without much ado…


cuir cannage trafalgar cuir cannage trafalgar swatch


Trafalgar (bottom row) is a limited edition palette so if you want it, you’ll have to get your hands on it before it’s gone. The other palettes are permanent, so take your time. The lighter shades of Trafalgar are quite sheer but the 3 darker shades are pigmented and smooth. Cuir Cannage (top row) is very easy to swatch, and it makes a nice neutral palette for darker skintones. It reminds me of a few palettes I already have, nothing too unique, but having these 5 shades together is very convenient for a pulled together work appropriate look.


Femme Fleur Victoire Femme Fleur Victoire swatch


Femme Fleur on the top row, Victoire bottom row.

Femme Fleur seems a little cooler compared to Victoire, but both have a purple theme. These 2 palettes feel a little harder and not as buttery, and it might be easier to pick up the colours using brushes. I am more attracted to Victoire for its warm plummy shades, and the top left shade is a beautiful taupe.


Carre Bleu Jardin Carre Bleu Jardin swatch


Carre Bleu top row, Jardin bottom row.

The darkest shade of Carre Bleu is a little dry to swatch but the rest are very pigmented. Jardin is the one that impressed me most. ALL 5 shades are pigmented and buttery. Top left is a beautiful light mossy green, followed by a golden peach and the most beautiful most buttery teal I’ve swatched. Here, it looks black, but the dark teal has a beautiful sheen. You have to see it in person. I took another shot to hopefully show you the colour better. If I were to purchase any, Jardin would be it.


Dior Jardin swatch

pied de poule versailles pied de poule versailles swatch


Last but not least, the 2 most shimmery palettes, in my opinion. Pied de Poule on top, Versailles at the bottom.

Pied de Poule is not as pigmented as I would have thought, and a few of the shades were quite stiff and dry. Again, maybe it’ll perform better with a brush, but this palette is the ultimate smokey eye palette. Most of the shades have shimmers and fine glitters, so I’d be careful with the fall outs. Versailles has the most beautiful silver and gold. All 5 shades go on creamy and buttery, and the silver is quite metallic. The gold is full of fine shimmer, and again, I’d be a little careful of having them transfer onto the cheeks. Not the most wearable palette, but so beautiful to look at.

I already swatched Tutu here, and I will feature Montaigne soon. Ah Jardin, you’ll be mine one day! I hope these swatches and brief first impressions are helpful. I wanted to swatch the 4 limited edition Rouge Dior and Dior Vernis for you, but the testers were not available at my local store just yet.

Which one caught your eye?


xoxo Lily