Review: Bobbi Brown Lip Color Hot Berry and Sandwash Peach

I remember Bobbi Brown was one of my first makeup loves. As a newbie in makeup, I always geared towards more natural colours, and Bobbi is the queen of neutrals. That was before I started blogging. I’d go through tubes of Bobbi Brown lipsticks and one of my favourites was Brownie. It was a pinkish brown on me which didn’t look dated at all. Then my makeup stash started to pile, and I couldn’t use up many products after that. Now, it’s even worse. Let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk Bobbi Brown Lip Colors.


Bobbi Brown Lip Color


The packaging didn’t change, as far as I remember, but the colours sure got more interesting. I remember the selection back then, about 8 years ago, wasn’t as interesting. Now, there are 24 new shades, and I was sent 2 – Sandwash Peach and Hot Berry. The formula, texture and scent are just as I remembered. The lipsticks are creamy, non drying and non greasy. They don’t feather and go on smoothly, opaque. I have nothing to complain except for the scent. It’s got the vintage lipstick scent that Burberry also has. One I have YET to get used to. However, it doesn’t linger so I’m fine after a short while.


hot berry sandwash peach Bobbi Brown Hot Berry Sandwash Peach


Sandwash Peach is a muted peachy salmon on me. It’s like a more pigmented nude but not nude at all, if that makes sense. It looks natural and day time appropriate. Instead of a concealer nude lipstick, I actually like to use this to pair with dark smokey eyes. This shade is nude enough but doesn’t wash out the complexion. I can imagine this to look more nude on darker skin tones, but the warm undertones make it less ashy. Hot Berry looks pinky red with flashes of deep fuchsia. It is blue based, but appears neutral on me. It is easy to pull off, not too bright, not too bold. I like to wear this as the focus, keeping the rest of the makeup minimal. It can also be blotted down to just a tint, but the texture feels drier faster.


hot berry sandwash peach swatch lip swatch


All 24 shades are available at Bobbi Brown counters nationwide, and retails for RM88 each. Have you tried Bobbi Brown Lip Colors before? What’s your fave?


xoxo Lily


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