Review: Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush Starina

I only have 1 blush from Rouge Bunny Rouge. I bought it last year, and it’s in a nude shade that I lack. I bought this sight unseen, only depending on some online swatches, and of course, it’s a gamble. Initially, I thought I was getting something really light, but against my skin, it’s actually not too bad.


Rouge Bunny Rouge blush Rouge Bunny Rouge Starina


It comes in a pan similar to the eye shadows. It is a little smaller than my palm, and the case is quite slim. I bought this from LuxolaΒ (affilliated) when there was a sale, and it cost me less than RM100. Not bad, considering there was free shipping as well. What surprised me was the texture of this blush. It is quite powdery even when picked up with my softest Chikuhodo Z4 brush, but it goes on the skin like silk. It doesn’t take much blending, and the intensity of the colour can be built up.


RBR Starina


Rouge Bunny Rouge describes Starina as the palest coral with an illuminating radiance, great for any pale complexion. The pan looks quite dark here but it’s different applied. I think RBR’s description of the shade isΒ pretty accurate based on the swatch below, don’t you think? I wore this blush in the picture below, taken end of last year for my Sunday Stash Shopping post. As you can see, it is quite nude with just the right hint of coral. It is a very natural shade one me, giving me slight warmth without looking muddy or ashy.


RBR Starina swatch



Have you tried any RBR blushes before? It took me a long time to actually review this. I had the pictures ready for ages, but just never thought of writing it. Sometimes, it’s just weird like that. This blush pairs very well with Clinique Curviest Caramel, one of my favourite nude lipsticks. It’s also what I was wearing in the picture above. What do you think of this shade? Do you like your blushes bright, or nude? I’m making a conscious effort to get colours other than pink. I seem to have a variety of pink blush shades in my stash but not so much other shades. WEIRD!


xoxo Lily



  • Claire

    beside the fact, that starina looks really pretty on you, I have to compliment your eye makeup here, looks gorgeous <3 I really like rouge bunny rouge bluhsers a lot, couldn't pick my fav shade, love them all actually.

    • Lily

      Thank you Claire! All their shades look lovely, that’s for sure. Maybe pick something you don’t have in your stash?

  • You look so gorgeous!! I love a good natural nude blusher from time to time, it’s perfect for more dramatic eyes or lips. Curviest Caramel is a great nude that’s so easy to use, it’s one of my fav tinted balm-type options.

    • Lily

      Thank you so much Noodles! Curviest Caramel is definitely my favourite pinky nude πŸ™‚

  • Paritashah26

    The shade looks utterly gorgeous on you a natural flush <3 loved your smoky eyes..stunning! I dont have anything from rouge bunny rouge yet..what would you suggest to try first? their eyeshadows or blushers?

    • Lily

      Hey Parita, thank you πŸ™‚ Which one do you have more of? Eye shadows or blushes? Or rather, do you prefer to widen your collection of es or blushes? Both are really good though πŸ™‚ Sorry, not helping much. LOL!

  • silverkis

    I have the EXACT same problem as you!! If it’s not LE, if it’s not the newest hottest thang, i’ll sit on it, and it just never gets written! I have a RBR blush sitting somewhere in my stash too… and a couple of Edward Besses…. kuddos on digging this one out! It looks lovely on you!

    • Lily

      Right? Reviews on LE must be pushed out as soon as possible or you’d miss the boat, but for permanent items, you have all the time to write about it. And it’s that thought that makes me procrastinate. HAHAH!

  • Hey Lily, I don’t own that many nudes, either! I don’t normally reach for nude blushes, but Starina looks really pretty on you paired with a smokey eye and Curviest Caramel (have it and love it)! I have Orpheline and Florita. Florita has been discontinued (I don’t know what they were thinking! That’s such a pretty raspberry), but Orpheline is super gorgeous πŸ™‚

    • Lily

      I remember reading your review on these blushes. They look gorgeous on you!

  • Oh hi! Hello! Hello my pretty! *glomps face* I have missed your pretty face! (And those SUPER sexy smokey eyes; holy!)

    PS: Chubby Stick πŸ˜€

    • Lily

      Hi hi Rae whale πŸ™‚ This particular chubby stick is my favourite!

  • Ooooh, I like that color! So pretty! I don’t have a lot of pale blush shades, either. Or pink. But pink and I don’t really get along that well. Most of my favorite blush shades are plum or terracotta.

    And helllooooo pretty Lily face.

    • Lily

      Isn’t there a single pink out there that works? If Dior Lucky looks so pretty on you, I can’t imagine you not being able to wear pink blush!

  • Lily, you look stunning! I can see the color shows up really nicely on you, too!
    I have Gracilis and I like the texture a lot. As you said, it is powdery but blends in so seamlessly. It feels very comfortable on and never tight even in the colder months, too. πŸ™‚

    • Lily

      Thanks Lena <3 If I didn't already have so many blushes, I'd get the rest. So beautiful!

  • This is such a beautiful picture of you, Lily. You look so happy and lovely! i would love this blush!

    • Lily

      Thanks Kristen. It’s a beautiful blush indeed πŸ™‚

  • You look absolutely STUNNING in that pic Lily! I have this blush and love it too, but I always forget about it for some reason. TOO MUCH BLUSH!

    • Lily

      Thanks babe. I know what you mean – too much blush! I’ve stopped purchasing blush already. Actually, I’ve been really good with NOT spending on makeup

  • Lily

    Thanks Nikki. It’s a calculated risk, I guess. I made sure the swatches were done on similar skin tones πŸ™‚

  • Liz

    Gorgeous! I finally got to try an RBR blush and was surprised to find that it really does live up to all the raves. Tempted to get a few more now but I’m in the same boat as Tracy: too much blush. x___x

    • Lily

      Yup, same boat >_< I'm afraid to count how many blushes I have. Heh!

  • Icaria

    I have this one and love it but for some reason don’t reach for it often. Now I want Curviest Caramel!!!

    • Lily

      You NEED Curviest Caramel πŸ™‚

  • Love Starina on you, Lily! Curviest Caramel looks gorgeous, too.

    • Lily

      Thanks Shari πŸ™‚ Both look great paired together!