Sunday Stash Shopping #27: Mixing Foundations

Do you have the urge to do your experiments sometimes? I like my Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup, but I also want more coverage to tone down the redness on my skin. I like my Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, but at times, I’d like for it to feel lighter on my skin. Also, the MUFE HD foundation is 3 years old, and I’m giving it another month before throwing it out. Sometimes I do wonder if I need to. I keep it in my drawer which is cool, dry and dark, the smell remained the same, and so is the texture. My skin doesn’t react badly to it, and basically, everything’s just normal. I know some of you might be freaking out right now, that I’m using an old foundation, but don’t worry. This and the Mat Velvet + foundation will be thrown out after this post. I bought both at the same time, and the Mat Velvet + is too heavy for my skin already. I used to prefer full coverage, but not anymore 🙂




So anyway, back to mixing foundations. I like to use half a pump of the MUFE HD foundation, mixed with 2-3 drops of the GA Maestro. I blend them together at the back of my hand, put a few dots of the mixed foundations at the centre of my face, then use a brush to even out the foundation on my face. I sometimes like to use my hands and sometimes I use a brush. Both work well. The result? A smooth light texture with just enough coverage. The shades don’t have to match etiher. The MUFE is a light neutral while the GA Maestro runs a little pink. When mixed, it just blends into my skin. I guess the GA Maestro doesn’t really make much difference since it’s so so so so sheer >_< I need to try mixing the GA Maestro with my other foundations now that the MUFE HD will be thrown out. Darn.




Do you mix your foundations? It’s nothing new, really, but finding the right mix of texture is important to me personally. Have you been doing any fun things with makeup lately? Hit me up and I’ll try out your suggestions 🙂


xoxo Lily