Sunday Stash Shopping #28

Isn’t it appropriate that I show you how products in Project Make A Dent #2 look on me? I’ve been wearing these products regularly lately, and it’s really a look that goes with anything. Before applying the powder foundation, I used my RMS ‘un’ cover-up under my eyes to hide some dark circles and around my nose to get rid of some redness. This is enough to give me a natural looking base with my freckles still showing. It’s like a no foundation base. LOL!


make a dent 2


Before I apply my eye shadows, I like to fill in my brows. I’m still using my Shu Uemura H9 brow pencil and sometimes, I rotate this with Benefit eye shadow in Bossy. It’s a great ashy brown that looks great on the brows. Now for the eyes. The first step is to apply Clinique Bountiful Beige all over my lids, straight from the stick. I swipe it left and right on my lids, then blend out the edges using my ring finger. Then, I carelessly apply the black liner on my upper lashline and again, smudged it out using my ring finger. If I didn’t have oily lids, I’d stop here. However, I need my powder eye shadows to set these creamy products. With my overused ring finger, I take some Wanderlust from The Escape and dab it on close to my lash line. Now, everything looks kinda smokey. With my middle finger, I take some Daydream (lighter shade of The Escape) and apply it on the inner half of my lids, all the way to the brow bone. If the colours don’t look blended, I’d use a blending brush such as MAC217 to blend out where it’s needed. In this case, I blended out the outer corner of my eyes. Using a small brush, I took the darker shade Wanderlust to draw on the outer third of my lower lash line, to balance out the eyes. Here’s how it looks, after curling my lashes and applying my Lancome Hypnose Star Waterproof mascara.




Now that eyes are done, I used a little powder foundation to dust under my eyes, to brighten the area, or to sweep away some fall downs from the eye shadows, if any. Now here’s the entire look, with NARS Orgasm blush on cheeks and Clinique Oversized Orange on lips.




It’s such an easy look and easy for anyone to recreate. All you need are beige and brown eye shadows, and coral / orange blush and lipstick. I guess you could amp up the dark eye shadows and nude out your lips for an evening out, but I like a little pop of colour to make things lively. I hope you enjoyed this and Happy Sunday!


xoxo Lily