Tastebuds: Some Recipes I Found And LOVE!

I know there are many foodies among you, and I want to share some recipes I found online that I tried and absolutely loved (and still love!). It’s scary to try new recipes sometimes, especially when they didn’t suit your taste. These are a few recipes for easy baking. If you haven’t baked before, you’d still be able to make them. These are easy! I’ve made these a few times already, and some were even requested by friends and family.


chocolate cupcakes


The above is the fluffiest chocolate cupcake I’ve ever had. It’s so soft and moist, it melts in your mouth. So easy to make too! I added some choc chips for extra chocolate-y goodness, and it’s soooooo good. I skipped the frosting completely, because that’s the only way I could make myself feel less guilty. LOL! Warning, it’s a little too easy to eat, so you can pop 4 in your mouth and still have room for more. Consider yourself warned. Recipe by Laura Vitale (click here for the link).


lemon cake


This lemon drizzle cake is requested by my mom and her friends a few times. If you like a dense butter cake, and if you like lemon, this is for you. Chloe LOVES the sourness of lemon, so for her, I’d use extra lemon juice. Otherwise, the recipe is good enough. I saw this on Vivianna Does Makeup and thought why not. It goes very well with a cup of tea 🙂 The link to her YouTube video is here –> click.


Cheddar Bacon Scones


Now for something savoury. I love a good scone, I love cheese and I love bacon. What’s better than having all of them together? These Cheddar Bacon Scones taste heavenly. The smokiness of the bacon comes through, and the cheddar gives it a zing. I like to have these piping hot, and with some butter or cream cheese. Recipe is by Laura Vitale again, click here.

I didn’t use to bake so much, but there’s something calming about the process. Maybe it’s this pregnancy, or I got more homely after quitting my full time job. AHAHAHA! I hope you’ll give these a try. Photos above are taken using my phone (on my Instagram) and I made all of them noms. I will try making more meat next time, because I’m on a mission to cut down my carb intake. In Asia, it’s really all about rice and noodles, and it’s been my lifetime habit to choose carbs over anything else. Need to change that.

Do share with me your fool proof recipes so I can try them too!


xoxo Lily

ps: I’ve been making buttermilk biscuits by Martha Stewart with Chloe and Ashlyn for breakfast, and it’s like a morning event for us. I half the recipe so there won’t be leftovers. So much fun, so much bonding, and so much yumminess! We have it with a huge selection of spreads from butter to Nutella to cream cheese to jams, you name it!