Project Make A Dent #2 Follow Up and Project MAD #3

Oh wow, I’m actually back to follow up on what I wrote a month ago. That’s a first. LOL! So, before we go on to my usual ramblings (God bless you for reading), here’s a visual of the progress.


pmad2 b4 after


The powder died!!!!!!!! I know, I know, I should’ve chucked it in the first place, but I WON!! DIE POWDER!!! Muahahahaha!!! OK, pathetic, but I didn’t throw anything out. I crushed the little pieces and used everything until the whole pan is gone. So. Proud. Right. Now. Anyway, next, onto the eyeliner. It’s really short now and it keeps breaking, so it’s definitely time to toss it out. I’ve been using the blush a lot but still haven’t hit pan in that one month. So I think I’m going to continue. Notice that it isn’t in its NARS packaging? Because IT DIED TOO! I loathe NARS packaging with a vengeance. I hate to depot it, and in the picture below, you see it living happily with my Urban Decay 15 anniversary eye shadows. Yup, I depotted that too. The original casing is way too big and takes up too much space on my vanity. As for the eye shadow, I used more of the lighter shade in The Escape as an all over wash on top of the Clinique Bountiful Beige. Doesn’t look like I used much eh?

I decided to swap some things around instead of continuing with these products until they die. I mean, I’m just supposed to dent it and not kill it right? Pfft… I always bend the rules anyway, so whatever I’m happy with 🙂 For the next Project MAD (how appropriate), these are my picks:




  • My Unii palette with the UD 15 anniversary eye shadows and NARS Orgasm blush, to make things easier for myself
  • 2 different liners – UD Underground and MAC Phone Number
  • Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua – I have 2 of these, and I want to use this one up, not just make a dent
  • Clinique Chubby Stick Oversized Orange – OK, I might just want to see this die 😛

Yeah, let’s just end at these and not get overly ambitious. My customized palette should add some fun because there are so many possibilities 🙂 I might see some dent in the liners, and maybe the Chubby Stick, but I doubt I’ll see any dent in the palette. I think I might give myself 2 months for these but I’ll probably just post a little update if I remember. By end November, little bub will be out and I know makeup will be the last thing on my mind. So, let’s see how it goes.


xoxo Lily