Review: [A’kin] Rose & Geranium Pure Facial Creamy Cleanser & Toner

This is the first time I tried anything from [A’kin]. It is an Australian brand, and [A’kin] products are vegan and cruelty free. The ingredients are free from sulfates, parabens, ethoxylated petrochemical cleansers, propylene glycol, silicones, phtalates, mineral oils, DEA, artificial colours and fragrances. So if you’re allergic to any of those ingredients above, you’d be happy to know that this post is for you. Today’s brief review is on the Rose & Geranium Pure Facial Creamy Cleanser & Toner for dry & sensitive skin (225ml/RM99).


A'kin Purist rose and geranium cleanser and toner


What can I say about this cleanser except that it was love at first wash? Seriously, I never thought I’d like it so much!! This Pure Facial Creamy Cleanser & Toner combines certified organic Australian avocado oil, with shea butter and olive squalane to gently cleanse the skin. I’ve always thought shea butter breaks me out, but apparently, I’ve always been wrong. The cleanser goes on creamy and rinses off easily with water. There is no residue whatsoever, and my skin is not taut at all. Some cleansers might be a little harsher, and I’d have to use a toner or a spray after, but this one – nada. My skin feels like it’s been moisturized! This is what impressed me most. You know that in between hour where you’ve applied all the skincare in the morning, applied your makeup, went out and came back in the middle of the day like 2 or 3pm? What do I do? Remove the makeup and apply everything again? I usually like to just wash my face, spritz some toner and save the whole skincare routine for the evening. With this, I can just wash my face, and that’s it 🙂


A'kin rose and geranium cleanser


I can use this cleanser to remove face and eye makeup. I just apply this cleanser all over, then with a warm muslin cloth, I wipe everything away. It doesn’t remove waterproof eye makeup though. So for that, I just use a separate remover for my mascara. This cleanser also mildly tones the skin with the help of witch hazel. There is a slight scent to this cleanser which brings me back to my childhood days. Anyone in Malaysia (around my age) should have heard of Hazeline snow right? It smells a little of that. It’s a slight rosey vanilla scent which dissipates quickly. The packaging is very industrial and no nonsense, and I quite like that. Reminds me of body lotion because it’s so big, but RM99 for 225ml of product is quite a deal. Even though this cleanser is made for those with dry and sensitive skin, it still works great on my normal combination skin.

Have you tried anything from [A’kin] before? My first experience has been a very pleasant one. If you’re looking for a cleanser, or if you’re sick of cleansers that strip off your natural oils, and especially when you’re sensitive to any ingredients mentioned above, you should try this one 🙂


xoxo Lily


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