Review: Antipodes Joyful Hand and Body Cream

Can you tell I’m clearing backlog? There are so many pictures that I took, sitting in my folder, screaming at me to just use them already. LOL! Just like I have been using up older stuff, I’m also posting reviews I should have posted ages ago. Procrastination is powerful, I tell you. And now, it seems like I’m in a spring cleaning mood. Antipodes has a few hand creams and today, I’d like to tell you about their Joyful Hand and Body Cream (120ml/RM149).




What can I say about hand and body creams? Not a lot, so this is going to be brief. Well, first of all, I really like the purple. It comes in a tube that looks like toothpaste and it squeezes out the cream just like one 🙂 Thank goodness it doesn’t smell minty. This cream is rich in avocado oil which is great for dry skin. There is also wild blackcurrent berry in the ingredients, which dominates the scent of this cream. It smells really sweet, and when applied in enclosed space, like your car, everybody will be able to smell it. Truthfully, it’s a little too sweet for my taste, so if the scent could be toned down, I would appreciate this much better. I might have choked on the sweetness, just a little.


Joyful hand cream Joyful hand cream texture


My hands are not particularly dry so I find this a bit much, but I did apply it on my body and it’s sooooo smooth. If you have drier skin, you will appreciate this cream. It takes a little massaging for the product to seep into your skin, but I know some people with very dry skin will appreciate the moisture. I know my mom does, because she conveniently put it in her bag after I let her use it. I haven’t seen it since. HAHAHAHA! That said, this cream does not make my hands or body feel greasy. Don’t you hate creams that do? Then again, greasy creams are great for massaging. If you have a partner, get him or her to massage the cream in and you’ll probably get a good 10 minutes of bliss. I’m so sneaky, aren’t I? Here’s the ingredient list for those who are interested.


Antipodes Joyful hand cream ingredients


Are you guys using anything in particular at the moment? Have you tried Antipodes yet? If you’re in Malaysia, you can purchase it online from TNS Skinlab. There’s free shipping if you purchase anything more than RM50. (non affiliated)


xoxo Lily


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