Review: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation in Sand

When it comes to foundations, you have a choice from getting either powders, liquid, cream, stick, mousse or even in spray form. My first powder foundation was from L’Oreal and I remember my first ever liquid foundation was from Bobbi Brown. I never really used any cream foundations in a compact, to be honest, so I was curious to try this Bobbi Brown one. It’s the Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation that is oil free and I would say it is suitable even for those with combination to oily skin.


BB cream foundation BB long wearing foundation compact


As you’d expect any foundation in a compact form, you’ll get the pan of foundation and also either a sponge or a brush included. In this case, we get a sponge, because that makes sense, doesn’t it? I always had a thing against using and re-using the sponge included especially when you can’t clean the sponge properly. However, I’m happy to note that this sponge cleans out just fine, without any foundation residue. I have tried applying this with finger and brush, and honestly, I like buffing it in with a synthetic brush. Applying it with the sponge yields a heavier coverage, while applying with fingers just dragged my skin around. So, what I like to do is to stipple just a little product onto the brush, dab the foundation on my face before smoothing it in. Works great 🙂 However, there is one thing I must add. This foundation, when applied with a brush, looks like it’s sitting on top of my skin, not truly blended in. This can be easily remedied by using my clean warm palms to gently press on my face. Somehow or rather, the heat helps the foundation sink in beautifully.


Bobbi Brown Sand swatch


Sand matches my skin quite well initially, but it does oxidize a little bit so my skin looks a tad bit sallow when my skin reddens from the heat. This problem can be mitigated by setting using a powder foundation. I am always light handed when I set with powder foundation because a) I don’t need that much coverage and b) too much is not flattering and cakey. As you can see in the picture below, the stripe of foundation on my face looks lighter than my face, but it matches my neck. This is the issue I have with all foundations – the fact that my face is much redder and a tad bit darker than the rest of my neck and body. After applying the foundation on my face, you can see that my skin tone has evened out much better, looking brighter. I am not wearing any concealer or any other makeup other than this foundation. It provides a medium coverage which can be built up, but it can also be sheered out if you apply sparingly. It does not grease up my skin nor does it slide around my T-zone after a few hours. It does not emphasize flaky bits on my skin, and in general, I’m really happy with it. (Also note, sharper face – photos taken months ago. LOL!)




Do you use cream foundations? Do you have any problems finding a shade match? Do foundations oxidize easily on your skin? Have you tried Bobbi Brown foundations? Have I asked enough questions?


xoxo Lily



Bobbi Brown cream foundation ingredients


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  • Sand concealer matches me perfectly in the winter — it’s one of my favourite all-over products for dark circles and blemishes. Every time I find a product that works for both I’m like, GODSEND.

    • Lily

      A good shade match for both dark circles and blemishes? That’s pretty awesome 🙂

  • Agreed on using a brush for these compacts, the traditional sponge gives too heavy a coverage, but I do like using the very dense sponges that come with the Korean Cushion compacts with all cream foundys.
    Finding a perfect foundy match is very rare for me. I have redness, my neck is much lighter than my face and arms, everything oxidizes on me, Taiwan SAs keep trying to match me to pinky tones because looking rosy is a thing here… It’s a huge pain.
    My most recent BB foundy is the Stick Foundation, which I like, but really it’s a cream foundy in stick form, so I cant use it during summer, since it will just slide off.

    • Lily

      Oh, I know what you mean. Some SAs here also push the pinker version of foundations, regardless of the customer’s skin tone! Thing is, most SAs here are not makeup artists and they probably don’t know the difference. Just like they insist I must get a shade match based on my face instead of my neck and body. Lisa Eldridge made some videos on foundation matching, and I find that very helpful. So whenever I buy a foundation, I usually “mute” the SA and go with what I want 🙂

  • Jaa

    Wow the finish is really natural on your skin! I like to press my palm on my face post-foundation application, too! It helps blend the product onto the skin. I also find the finish much more natural-looking and seamless than just using the brush alone.

    I only have one cream foundation (Chanel Teint Innocence) but I haven’t used it for a looong time. I’ve just been more into liquid formula lately because I’m lazy like that. Haha.

    • Lily

      I’ve been even lazier and just dust some powder on my face instead of the whole foundation routine! LOL!

  • Liz

    I used this a looooong time ago! Had great coverage, but it did melt off my T-zone. I avoid cream compacts now because they’re way too melty for me.

    • Lily

      Oops, pity!! I was surprised it held up pretty nicely on me, given it’s super hot and humid as well, you know?

  • Hey Lily, nope I haven’t really used a cream foundation! I guess I’m a little worried about how they might work for my oily T-zone. I have always loved Bobbi Brown foundation shades though. I might be biased, but I think her theory that every foundation should be more yellow-based is correct :p

    • Lily

      Yes! Gotta love yellow based foundations. I’m biased too. Pink based ones don’t work on me at all.

  • I don’t usually use cream foundations because I don’t like sponges, LOL. Some of the Bobbi Brown foundations are TOO yellow for me (shocking!) so I never know what to think about them.

    • Lily

      I don’t like sponges either but this works better with a brush anyway 🙂 Finding a foundation match is tricky for me and I find it’s easier to go with those catered specifically for Asian skin tones.

  • Claire

    you know what’s funny, I am not the biggest fan of BB nor cream foundations but this one works for me, I was so surpirsed how natural it looked and no one irl could tell that I had foundation on, eventhough I was layering quite some amount just for test purpose. I still don’t know if this one is braking me out though. couldn’t figure out that part lol. and you could never ask enough questions haha

    • Lily

      If it looks great and no one can tell if you’re wearing any foundation, it is definitely a keeper!

  • PFFT. You don’t even NEED foundation woman! Look at how good your skin looks before! I’d never cover it up! But I like cream foundations. So HMM. Maybe I should try this one. I’m the same as my face is redder and darker than my neck too! My big head blocks the sun LOL.

    • Lily

      Lol lol! I have a big head too! So that’s why. …. Hahaha!

  • Bella

    You do have great skin!! I have Nars Radiant Creamy Compact foundation and I love it. I only use it on fuller coverage days and in winter, though. the shade Barcelona is perfect for me, which is funny because in the tinted moisturiser as well as the Sheer Glow I have to mix two shades!

    • Lily

      Oh I remember when NARS launched that cream foundation. Never got to try it though I read many great reviews. I just can’t justify a foundation purchase. There are so many sitting in my drawer. Eeps!

      • Bella

        Toss some and try NRCCF. You know you want to 😉 !!

        • Lily

          Hahahaha you’re evil!!!