Review: Clinique Almost Lipstick 06 Black Honey

I seem to be going through my older stash which I haven’t reviewed before. This Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey has been with me for more than a year, maybe 2 years? And I never really talked about it. Truthfully, I didn’t really use it until last year, and even that, I didn’t use it much. I just have that same problem with all my makeup – it’s something most bloggers will tell you – I have too many and I tend to forget what I have. Some might see it as a happy problem, and some might see it as a third world problem of decadence, and I just accept it as it is. Another reason I’m reviewing these like crazy is because I edited the photos ages ago, and still haven’t used them. With this new layout, I need to crop my photos bigger and I’m getting these out of the way before I use the newer photos. LOL! Anyway, I digress.


black honey 1


The Almost Lipstick is packaged slim and light. Reminds me of those feminine cigarettes for ladies, but I don’t smoke, so I could be very wrong! It is a little too light for my liking, reminds me of a really cheap pen, but you know, personal preference and all. Black Honey looks very intimidating. Look at the colour.


black honey 2


It really looks almost black. A black plum, actually. However, when swatched, I could barely get the colour to show up right. See?




This is, I think about 3 swipes down my wrist. It just looks a little brown, a little bruised. When worn on the lips, it looks different again. It sort of darkens your natural lip colour a little, and I must say, this is so Fall appropriate for those of you who are still hesitant to go all out in bolder darker colours.


lip swatch


It is scentless and the texture is very emollient, reminding me of a tinted lip balm. It doesn’t have much pigmentation, and I think is great for every day use, instead of pink, peach and coral – you know, those brighter more cheerful nudes. So when you think of something comfortable with some slip on your lips, and something that’s not too pigmented, logic will also tell you that this lipstick doesn’t last long. And you’d be right. It probably shows up for a couple of hours, then you’d have to reapply. This shade, I must say, doesn’t brighten my complexion, and it actually looks more serious, and somehow, looks older. Maybe it’s the brown base, but there are some brown based lipsticks that are more flattering. On someone with darker complexion perhaps, this might look more nude.

I love the Black Honey eye shadow, but this Almost Lipstick… eh… not so much. What about you? Have you tried this one?


xoxo Lily