Review: Kérastase Densifique

Kérastase Malaysia recently launched their Densifique line to target those with thin hair. I was sent the shampoo and mask to try, together with a box of 10 scalp treatments. For me, my hair fall is due to oily scalp and sometimes hormones, so the shampoo must first target my scalp. I talked about a few shampoos I LOVE so if you have fine hair and oily scalp, I suggest you check out that post.


Kerastase Densifique


Kérastase Densifique Bain Densité RM95


Kerastase Bain Densite


I have tried a few Kérastase shampoos and while they worked for a while, they kinda stopped working after a couple of months. This shampoo is supposed to give the appearance of thicker hair by boosting the volume, but on my fine hair, it failed to do that. It is very strongly scented, and I did not enjoy the smell of perfume on my hair either. This shampoo doesn’t control oil production on my scalp because after washing my hair in the morning, I find that my hair begins to stick to my scalp by the evening and calls for another wash by the next morning. I must also use the hair mask following this shampoo, or I’d risk some tangling and dry ends. I find that the Kérastase Specifique Bain Clarifant does a better job at keeping my scalp fresh, but that’s because it’s a clarifying shampoo.


Kérastase Densifique Masque Densité RM150


Kerastase Masque Densite Kerastase Masque Densite texture


This is a rinse off hair mask that is supposed to make hair look fuller, thicker and more lustrous. I like to apply this after I wash off the shampoo, leave it on my hair while I wash the rest of my body then rinse it off about 3 to 5 minutes later. What I like about this mask is that it doesn’t have any residue after wash. I hate that my hair still feels siliconey after washing off masks / conditioners. This one washes off completely while leaving hair soft and manageable. I find that for my fine hair, instead of boosting its volume, it leaves my hair a little too flat and straight.


Kérastase Densifique Scalp Activator (10’s / RM280) (30’s / RM700)


Kerastase Densifique scalp treatment Kerastase Densifique scalp treatment individual


To be honest, I only tried one bottle of this scalp activator. Even if I used all 10 of it, I won’t be able to tell you whether or not they work. Furthermore, hair growth treatments are not exactly safe to use during pregnancy. These scalp treatments are supposed to provide a boost to our hair follicles, hence increasing productivity while maintaining density. Research shows that in 3 months of daily use, there is about 1700 new hair growth! Sounds very impressive if you ask me, but 3 months means about 90 days of usage so be prepared to fork out RM2100 worth of scalp treatment which may or may not work for you. 1700 hair growth is great, and because it’s also important to keep the rest of the hair from falling off for it to really work, this treatment promises to do just that. While I can’t honestly tell you if this works, I can tell you that this treatment doesn’t leave your hair sticky or greasy. It dries off relatively fast and you can style your hair as you normally would.

All in all, the range is OK but it would be much better if the shampoo has the ability to control oil for those with oily scalp as it is one of the main reasons many people lose hair. As for the scalp treatment, you must use it daily for 3 months for best results, and if you really get much new hair as the study suggests, and if the budget suits you, then perhaps it’s worth a try?


xoxo Lily


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  • Liz

    Back when I cared about hair, I wanted to try Kerastase so badly but never could fork over that much even then. It’s too bad about the shampoo!

    • Lily

      I guess the price is the deal breaker. I don’t like the shampoo but the mask is Ok. I was just asking myself if I’d fork out so much money for the scalp treatment. Can’t say I definitely will. Unless I’m super desperate maybe?

  • Hmmm, interesting! I like some of their products. This would be expensive, but if it does work, I think people would get it. It’s still cheaper than some treatments I guess.

    • Lily

      I suppose there are more expensive treatments out there…. If this really works, then I’d be willing to pay. If only there’s money back guarantee. Lol lol!

  • Hey Lily, I received the shampoo but I haven’t tested it out yet! I tread carefully with volumizing products, as I could really end up with a mane instead of hair!

    • Lily

      Oh, I’d love to read what you think about the shampoo. Perhaps my scalp is oilier than yours, but I find this one isn’t that good in volumizing / giving body to my hair. And lucky you. I just want more hair. LOL!

  • Jaa

    I’ve seen and read amazing reviews about this brand but could never fork out so much $$$ for a shampoo. Let alone other fancy hair things! I will direct my friends to this post, though, if they ever need help with their scalps. 🙂

    • Lily

      Thank you Jaa 🙂 I’ve experienced some good things on Kerastase products, but I do wish they’d tone down on the fragrance though.

  • Interesting! The mask looks like it’s worth a try. I do like Kerastase hair products but I never buy them. Just whatever I’m sent by PR (haha). They are just too expensive to me!

    • Lily

      Hi Arianne, I wish I could use something more affordable but they’re all bad for my hair and scalp. *cries* I’m loving Philip B at the moment, but it’s more expensive than Kerastase here 🙁

  • Those hair growth treatments look CRAZY. I don’t really buy into hair growth treatments, though — they all seem kind of hokey to me.

    At that price, though, I’d expect all three of these products to be freakin’ amazing. “Ok” and “too flat” just aren’t gonna cut it!

    • Lily

      I know right? But like Tracy mentioned, there are far more expensive treatments out there…