Review: Lancome L’Absolu Rouge and Creme de Brillance in 395 Rose Grenat

I’m not much of a Lancome person. My skin doesn’t really agree with Lancome skincare, or rather, Lancome doesn’t do much for my skin. I really like Lancome’s foundations, but only those made in Japan because the shade match is awesome – specially tailored for Asian skin tones. Then the rest, they’re not mind blowing and I just never really had a strong urge to really give the brand a chance. I picked these up about a year ago, because I was drawn to the shade. I think these are the only 2 Lancome lip products I ever purchased and kept. I bring you shade 395, Rose Grenat.


Lancome Rose Grenat


I bought both the lipstick and the gloss in the same shade. I love that they are easy to use and again, the shade. L’Absolu Rouge is a scentless creamy lipstick that applies smoothly and stays on comfortably. It is not as creamy compared to say, Bobbi Brown Lip Colors or Rouge Dior, but it’s emollient enough that it doesn’t dry out my lips. L’Absolu Creme de Brillance is a gloss which I can only describe it as thicker than your average lip gloss. It is not as light as a gloss and not as thick as a liquid lipstick. The texture is non tacky or sticky, which is great. I hate sticky lip glosses. Glosses are not meant to last for hours, so this doesn’t cling to the lips. It is supposed to provide hydration up to 10 hours, but guys, do you expect the gloss to last for 10 hours? Seriously, Lancome. This, when applied on top of L’Absolu Rouge, adds a certain richness to the texture. I also like the flat paddle shaped sponge applicator which makes it a breeze to apply. No feathering even when applied on its own. However, there is a certain scent which I don’t know how to describe. It is not sweet, not sour, just not very pleasant. Some blogs described it as a faint rosy smell, but my nose just can’t detect it at all. If you’ve tried it before, please tell me what it smells like to you. It already smelled like that when I bought it, and I’m sure there isn’t anything wrong with the product.


sponge applicator


I would describe 395 Rose Grenat as a flattering warm rose with a hint of brown base that is not dated. It gives the most natural looking red to your lips that is soothing to look at. And oh, so pretty!


Rose Grenat 395 swatch lip swatch


[On my lips, left is with L’Absolu Rouge only and right is with Creme de Brillance on top of L’Absolu Rouge]

See how much more depth the combination presents? This is a shade that can be paired with anything and everything. I know I am neglecting these 2 because I’m trying to use up a few other lip products, but Rose Grenat has remained one of my favourite shades. Both are made in Japan so I’m not sure if the shade is Asian exclusive. It’s been a while since I bought them and I totally forgot how much they were. Sorry! If you have the latest price, please holler in the comments below. Thank you!

Do you like Lancome lip products? Any faves?


xoxo Lily



  • Oh! Those are really pretty on you! The combi one is perfect!
    Lancome was my first luxe cosmetics brand, mainly due to their bi-phase eye makeup remover, mascara and foundy (their’s is the only liquid foundy I’ve used up 2 consecutive bottles of). I used exclusively their skincare for a few years until my skin just got skin of all their stuff and then for ages Lancome was completely out of my life. Until last year, when I brought their lip lover glossy lipstick thingies. Really like those!

    • Lily

      Ah, their bi-facil is my go to eye makeup remover. I know many people love their Lip Lovers, but I just haven’t tried it. Maybe I should join the crowd, eh? 😀

  • Hey Lily, I really haven’t tried that much from Lancome, either. I do like Lip Lover, and it has a rose scent (two different rose scents in fact, depending on if you go for an everyday shade or bolder one). If this is anything like it, I’m guessing it is indeed rose-scented as well. I often forget how much better gloss can make lipstick look! This combo is the proof 🙂

    • Lily

      Yes Sunny. It’s amazing how different lips can look when topped with a gloss. I haven’t smelled the rest of the lip products, so I can’t tell if it’s just a problem with mine. I should go to the counter to get a sniff. LOL!

  • So pretty, Lily!
    I have a Lip Lover and I have to say I am impressed by the quality and the color. I’m also eyeing on the Lip Balm as well. There is a faint scent I actually mind a little everytime I put it on, although many seem to like the scent.
    I didn’t know Lancome now makes scentless lipsticks as well. That’s great! 🙂

    • Lily

      I’m beginning to think if this one just smells funny, Lena. Even though it’s not expired, and even though I bought it brand new, I may have gotten myself a dud. LOL!

  • I love the Lip Lovers too-always have one in my purse. These two look really great together and are perfect shades for you!

    • Lily

      Never tried their Lip Lovers… actually, if the sales person wasn’t cross selling these when I was purchasing my powder foundation, I wouldn’t even look at them. LOL! Glad I got them though. I really love the shade

  • Icaria

    Gorgeous color and love the combo wi the gloss! Years ago I had quite a few Lancôme lipsticks but for some reason I’m not much into the brand these days, in fact I rarely look at their displays.

    • Lily

      Same here Helene. I hardly stop at Lancome at all, actually – unless to repurchase my powder foundations 🙂

  • So pretty, Lily! You’re right — having the gloss on top of the lipstick really does amp it up.

    I don’t have a lot of Lancome, but what I have kept, I love! 😉 Still not over that Urban Ballet Baume in Love — when it comes to fluorescents, I fall HARD.

    • Lily

      Hey Rae, I don’t have much of Lancome’s stuff, and I haven’t even tried their Baume in Love or Lip Lovers!

  • Liz

    You’re so right – the combination looks great! I’m really loving this sort of dusty rose shade right now. I’m pretty set for the next little while on lip stuff though… maybe forever, haha.

    • Lily

      I know what you mean Liz. Come to think of it, I think we’re done with all makeup forever, don’t you think? LOL LOL!