Sunday Stash Shopping #29

I’m in my third trimester now. Dun dun dun!!!!!!! And guess what? This is when I’ll balloon like crazy. You’ll see that my face is already puffing up in the photo below. I’m debating whether or not to continue to post FOTDs. LOL!

In the previous stash shopping post, I showed you how to create a soft smokey look using the products in Project Make A Dent. I am still diligently using these products, so I thought I’d show you another way of wearing the products. I can’t exactly get creative with the base, cheeks or lip products, but there IS something I could do with eye colour placement.


make a dent 2


For the eyes, I used Clinique Bountiful Beige as a base before patting the lighter shade of The Escape all over my lids. Now the difference is the placement of the darker eye shadow. Using a smaller brush, I carefully darken just the outer quarter of my lids. Then with a fluffier blending brush, I’d just swirl the brush around to blur out the edges. To up the intensity, just add the darker shade and repeat until you like how it looks. Black liner is a must for this look because I don’t have dense lashes. For this, I’d make sure the pencil is sharp before drawing a crisp line, winging it a little at the end. Finish off with mascara. The end result should look like this.


eye closeup


This creates a subtle definition on the eyes. I forgot to mention that I do take the darker eye shadow down to my lower lash line – just on the outer third. This makes my eyes look just a little bit bigger. And more awake. You can even increase the contrast of the eye shadow, use a liquid liner instead of a pencil and apply a red lipstick and make this a pin up look. The complete look is something like this.




In the next stash shopping post, I was considering posting basic tips on applying eye shadows. Would you like that, or do you prefer me just using other products and creating looks with them? Let me know. I’m running out of ideas 😛


xoxo Lily