FOTD: Bright Eye Colours

Honestly, I hardly ever wear bright colours on my eyes. However, since I depotted my NARS Orgasm and my Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Palette into one Unii palette, I’ve been reaching for colours more. I mean, it’s also part of Project MAD, so why not use the colours for a bright and bold look on the blog? Here’s the palette for reference, taking from my Project MAD post.




Basically, I used all the brights like that teal, blue, pink and metallic purple. I also used black to darken the outer corners, but I might have layered on some other colours because I was going overboard and over excited. LOL! Here’s what I came up with. The main colour is the teal, dark blue on the outer corners and a little pop of pink on the inner corner. I added some purple on my bottom lash line but you can’t really see it in full action. For eye liner, I used a dark blue and just piled on the mascara.






The thing about having hooded eyes is that no matter how crazy the look is, once I open my eyes, you can only see half the crazy. HAHAHA! The blush I used is NARS Orgasm, and for the lips, because I didn’t know what to wear, I just put on the universal nude, Clinique Curviest Caramel.

I think this is by far the most colourful bright eye I’ve ever done. It’s kinda fun, but I took it off right after pictures were taken 😛 I hope you liked this!


xoxo Lily