Review: La Mer The Intensive Revitalizing Mask

Yes, it’s La Mer again. This time, it’s a leave in mask that promises to help skin bounce back from environmental aggression and restore skin’s radiance. We all know that most advancement comes with setbacks. With modernization and globalization, we suffer from pollution, ozone thinning, and smog, which are doing more harm than good to our Mother Nature, as well as our skin. La Mer The Intensive Revitalizing Mask is created to help to detox your skin.


La Mer intensive revitalizing mask


Other than the Miracle Broth which helps promote our skin’s natural renewal process, this mask is enriched with a purifying ferment that includes the Lime Tea Concentrate and a Glacial Kelp, which helps neutralize free radicals and protect skin from the visible aging effects of fatigue, stress and pollution. Elastic Kelp also provides intense hydration to keep skin plump and supple. This mask is very easy to use because all you have to do is to apply this all over your face and neck after cleansing, before your moisturizer. I don’t use any serums when I use this mask. I just have to leave it on my face for 8 to 10 minutes before following with my moisturizer. I don’t slap on a whole lot, so there is no residue whatsoever. It just seeps into the face, with no sticky feeling. Even after applying my moisturizer, my skin doesn’t feel heavy or drenched.


mask back

La Mer intensive revitalizing mask texture


So what does it do to my skin? Well, I can definitely see that my skin is kept bright and radiant. Even though I don’t get to sleep much at night nowadays, my skin doesn’t look dull. I’m not exactly sure if it detoxes my skin, but I’m glad to report that if there is detox action, I don’t see breakouts!! I have been using this twice a week for the past 4 weeks, and I like the look of my skin. It’s hydrated , even toned, and slightly glowy. The Intensive Revitalizing Mask (75ml, RM650) is available at all La Mer counters nationwide.

Do you use masks at home? I keep masks of different functions because of the changing needs of our skin. For the last 3 years, I never went for facial treatments and my skin is never better. I believe in a fusion of good serums and masks, and finding the right range of products for your skin. What is your skin whisperer?


xoxo Lily


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  • Bella

    This sounds great! Something to consider when my current one runs out. I have only recently purchased the Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask (and the oil) and I am in love.

    • Lily

      You and your Sisley love affair! I want to try but there are so many things lined up to test, and to use up. Might have to take me at least another year to use up my skincare.

      • Bella

        I can imagine that must be an issue when you have so much to test! I only have skincare I’m actually using, and I only buy a new product when the old stuff is finished (and then it’s always a repurchase LOL). This is the first time in over a year I’ve tried a new skincare product: I just needed a mask LOL! If ever you get a sachet, use it :).

        • Lily

          I’ll definitely see if I can score a sample. SAs here are sometimes so stingy with samples though. Makes me feel like a cheapo. Lol!

  • lyn

    The price… yikes! But it does sound pretty good. Speaking of masks, I have to start masking again. My skin has been troublesome lately and I dare not apply too much stuff on it at the moment.

    • Lily

      Can’t expect anything cheaper from La Mer. Lol! I find masks help a lot. And serums of course 🙂

  • I really haven’t tried anything from La Mer, but this looks pretty awesome! I haven’t had a facial for a couple of years either. My Omorovicza products work so well that I just don’t feel the need to!

    • Lily

      It’s priceless when you find products that work for your skin. Blogging has helped me to be more aware of my own skin condition for sure!

  • I keep a couple of different ones on hand, too, because, like you said, our skin changes all the time! But holy crap, I can’t pay La Mer prices right now, LOL.

    • Lily

      Yup I totally understand where you’re coming from 😛

  • I enjoy masks, but I don’t have that many of them. I really like the Boscia Black Mask. There’s something so satisfying about peeling it off too haha.

    • Lily

      Oh I tried that black mask before but it stung my eyes and made me tear even though I stayed away from the eye area. Made my face feel really clean though!

  • Jaa

    Sounds lovely but the price! Ouch! Well, it’s La Mer… duh. Haha. I’ve been using glamglow for the moment. 🙂

    • Lily

      I’ve been reading lots about glamglow! When I run out of my mud mask, I’ll give it a try 🙂

  • Liz

    I’m into this. Give me the kelp. 🙂

    I want to find a nice soothing mask for the upcoming winter season — something calming that doesn’t really treat but just plumps up the skin. I need it to be affordable because I also like to stock up on wine and cheese.

    • Lily

      All these marine and sciencey stuff sounded really convincing, especially when I could see it work. When I was a student, I used to buy 2 packs of Neutrogena hydrating mask and used them every day, once every 2 months. Worked then but does nothing now. Guess that’s the age factor. Lol!

  • I’d LOVE to try this. I love masks! Maybe I’ll look into it whilst here in the US…:D

    • Lily

      Can’t do without masks!! Hope you’ll give this a try 🙂

  • Daisy Haynes

    I’m all about skincare at the moment. I’m trying to fix too many years of not taking care of my skin, so I’m up for trying anything!

    • Lily

      I hope you’ll like this, Daisy. Good skincare that is right for you is so important 🙂 I only manage to find mine through trial and error.