Review: NARS Eye Shadow Duo Surabaya

I HATE NARS packaging. Seriously, with a vengeance. If you didn’t know, the cases tend to get all sticky and melty after a few years and I am forced to depot whatever that’s inside. I believe it is not due to weather, because my friends who live even in the North Pole which is forever winter complain about it (*waves* hi Santarina!). I held back from getting more NARS blushes because of that reason, but I totally caved when I saw Surabaya on Jenny. I’m such a total sucker for reddish browns and doesn’t she look sexy? I cast all logic aside and got my very first NARS eye shadow duo, knowing full well I’d have to depot this sucker a few years down the road. Such was that unreasonable magnetic pull of these 2 shades.


NARS 800 pix



I was actually pleasantly surprised by the texture of these eye shadows. I have read mixed reviews about the consistency of NARS eye colours, some are buttery and pigmented while others are hard and stiff. These might be a little hard to touch, but I have no problems picking up the colours with my fingers or my brush. I find that it’s much easier to apply using makeup brushes, and that’s what I usually do anyway. I don’t really like to apply powder eye shadows using fingers, because the oil on our fingers will in time transfer to the powder, making it harden. Some of my really old eye shadows got to that stage when I only used my fingers to apply.


Surabaya pan Surabaya duo


I have used these on my eyes with and without a primer, and naturally, the colours stay more vibrant and stay longer when I use a primer. Without primer, the colours fade a little after 4 hours and by the 6th hour, there is creasing on my lids. I hardly wear makeup for such a long period nowadays, so I’m good without a primer. As you can see, Surabaya is a combination of 2 different browns. You get a warm coppery brown and another reddish burgundy brown which doesn’t make your eyes look bloodshot. The combination of these 2 colours is amazingly seductive, and you can pair it with a nude or bold vampy lip.


Surabaya swatch


I will be posting a look using these 2 colours soon, don’t worry. I know many people are afraid of red toned eye shadows, but this duo might just be the perfect balance most of us are looking for. Do you like brown eye shadows? What kind of brown makes you happy?


xoxo Lily