Review: NARS Matte Velvet Lip Pencil Dolce Vita

NARS Matte Velvet Lip Pencils have been around for ages, and I bought this when I was in Bangkok about 2 years ago. Took me a while to blog about it right? It seems to be a trend with me >_< I suppose I don’t see the hurry in talking about permanent items, and there are so many other new shiny things to talk about 😛 Anyway, since NARS is now available in my country, albeit having just that one store in the whole friggin’ country, I thought I’d just talk about it.


NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil


This lip pencil needs to be sharpened. Why do I bring this up as the first point? Well, because I prefer those that twist up and do not require sharpening. Also, if it requires sharpening, a sharpener should be included, like the Bobbi Brown lip and eye pencils. I think it’s a very thoughtful idea, so those of us who might not have a sharpener won’t have to go get a separate one. I don’t recall getting a sharpener with this lip pencil, but thankfully, it fits in my existing Bobbi Brown sharpener. As with most lipsticks in pencil form, this is easy to apply, with precision, even. That’s why I like lipsticks like this. You can draw your cupid’s bow perfectly before shading your lips. You don’t have to worry too much if the shade is too bold or dark either, because these lip pencils give you full control.


NARS Dolce Vita Dolce Vita Lip Pencil


Erm, yeah, unsharpened pencil above, but you get the idea. The shade I bought was Dolce Vita. I saw some swatches on others, and it is like a brownish red, but on me, it just looks like the natural colour of my lips, but a little darker. You can see how it looks on me when I paired it with smokey eyes in my recent stash shopping post here. Since it’s matte, it looks very natural on. I expected it to be a little drying, but as matte colours go, this one actually goes on and stays relatively comfortably. It doesn’t dry out my lips, nor do my lips get flaky after wearing this. In general, I like it! I get about 3 to 4 hours of wear easily, and while it lasts through drinks, I have to reapply after a meal. Actually, I’m curious… why do we need it to last any longer? Don’t you wipe your mouth after you eat? Do you go for 8 hours without eating? OK so maybe I’m a pig, and I’m boring because I don’t go clubbing all night, but just putting it out there. It’ll be ridiculous if the lipstick is gone after half an hour, like a gloss or something, but if it lasts about 3 hours, I’m happy.


lip swatch


Have you tried any NARS Matte Velvet Lip Pencils before? What’s your favourite shade? I still haven’t tried their Satin Lip Pencils, and I’ve read a lot of raves about them. Ah well, can’t chase a choo choo train that doesn’t stop… gets overwhelming, especially when now, everyone’s talking about their latest Audacious lipsticks! Let’s show our neglected lipsticks some love. Take them out, put them on again and see how you feel. This one doesn’t make me go WOW, but it’s definitely reliable when I want some colour on my lips without being overpowering 🙂


xoxo Lily



  • LOL. I always wipe my mouth after I eat too! Or even before I eat – I don’t like seeing lipstick all over my food, lol. I never understood all the people who are like “I want it to last through a meal.”

    • Lily

      I know right? Makes me wonder if they eat bird food or they just eat without their lips touching the food. Lol!

  • Liz

    I just can’t spend $30 on pencils that need to be sharpened. Will buy a proper lipstick instead. You’re making me want Dolce Vita lipstick and blush, lol.

    • Lily

      Do it! It’s a shade I’m sure will look good on you

  • LOL hahaha, really who needs a lipstick to last through a meal? This is pretty on you! I haven’t tried the satin ones either, I’m too addicted to the Bite Beauty ones and they don’t need sharpening haha!

    • Lily

      I’m dying to try the Bite Beauty ones but they’re not available here. Hope they’ll come to Sephora one day. Need to swatch everything!

  • Hahaha I don’t go clubbing all night and I need to eat and really don’t mind snacking between hours too so I don’t mind reapplying, OK, a lip products that gets you through an all morning or all afternoon work meeting always helps… I love how this looks on you, a natural enhanced sort of look.

    • Lily

      I’m sure this gets you through a long meeting. Even that, if the meeting is long, I don’t mind taking a short break just to the washroom to re-apply my lipstick. LOL!

  • Love Dolce Vita on you! Ugh. Agreed they should include a sharpner. Stingies! When I first started reading Temptalia, I thought I was the weird one who wiped off my lipstick before a meal, and that all my lipsticks were subpar because they don’t last through the munchie apocalypse. Then I realized, nope. It doesn’t take much effort to reapply after a meal, and at leaat this way, I moght have a chance to use a lippie up.

    • Lily

      Thank you Noodles. And you’re right!! Better chance to actually use up a lipstick 😛

  • This is amazingly natural on you! I don’t like the sharpening part too much either, but I do really like my Lodhi Satin Lip Pencil. I am planning to lay my hands on their Digital World holiday kit as well. I think I might sit the Audacious Lipsticks out. The shade range is impressive, but there are so many moisturizing cream lipsticks around that I just don’t feel the need to shell out the money for a formula that is neither drying nor hydrating, you know what I mean? I’m fine if a matte matte lipstick is not hydrating (like MAC Mattes), but a cream lipstick? NARS could have done better.

    • Lily

      I saw the Digital World holiday kit and I really like it as well 🙂 If you’re looking for a matte lipstick with beautiful texture, you have to try the Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Colors. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  • Icaria

    LOL Lily, I’m with you on the 3hrs bit! I got a satin crayon in a GWP and really love the color (in bed with lap top too lazy to go check out the color atm) but that sharpening bit? True hate! It hasn’t been sharpened yet for I can’t seem to find the one I got from Dior years ago, for some reason I just don’t want to buy one. They really should include one with the crayon, especially at this price. 🙂

    • Lily

      Oh I know! It’s the little things that count. Sure, a sharpener is cheap and we can get it anywhere but it’s more thoughtful for them to include one.

  • Dolce Vita is beautiful on you! I so wanted to pull this color off (in the Sheer Lipstick formula) but sadly it didn’t work out.
    And you said so many sensible things here. It should be about preference and what each product does for us, but many beauty review ratings are swayed by “pigmentation and longevity”.
    Oddly I’m not drawn to those Audacious or the new eyeshadows of NARS. I’d love to try a Matte Velvet or Satin lip pencils, though. Better yet, I should pull out some of my stash and appreciate them more. You’re so right. 🙂

    • Lily

      Really? I actually said sensible things? You made me read my own post again, Lena. This is a scheduled post so I can’t remember everything I wrote. Lol! But thank you, for making me feel less flaky. Hahaha!

  • Good point with the lasting power of the lip pencil. If it lasts for 8 hours, it should stay on when I wipe my mouth after eating something, and is that even possible? The colour you chose is beautiful, I like a good natural lip.


    • Lily

      Thank you Cheryl 🙂

  • Bella

    This one, Damned and Cruella are my favourites. I have loads, though ;).

    • Lily

      I haven’t tried anything else from the line! Need to have a look at the swatches of these 2 shades you mentioned 🙂

  • Ha ha! Yes, Lily you are super boring because you don’t go out clubbing every night. 😉 I have this one and it looks hilariously bad on me! I want the NARS Happy Days Lip Pencil. It’s next on my hit list. Along with an Audacious lippie in Anna. 🙂

    • Lily

      LOL LOL! It’s the age thing. I don’t think they’d let me into a club now, unless it’s for middle aged people. HAHAHAHA! You look great in brown lipsticks though. I refuse to believe this looks bad on you 😛

      • What would a middle-aged person club even consist of? I can say I’d strongly push for a dress code that was friendly to stretch pants and flat shoes, lol! Oh and trust me, me wearing Dolce Vita? Looks like I just made out with a clay pot. HA HA HA!!

        • Lily

          LOL at claypot and stretch pants! Locally, the clubbing scene is usually dominated by those in their 20s and those 30s to 40s are the ones who go to fancier pubs and lounges 🙂

  • Jaa

    Dolce Vita is a color I’m going back and forth to. On some people it looks so dark but on you, it’s almost like a MLBB shade! I swatched it in store and it was too dark for my liking. But maybe if I apply it on my lips, it would be a nice MLBB shade, too? I think I should just buy it and get it over with. LOL. I do like the formula in general, though. I have a few colors of these. 🙂

    • Lily

      You have to try it, Jaa! I guess maybe my lips are already pigmented, I don’t know. I’m glad this shade doesn’t pull too brown on me because browns age me a lot.

  • Wow this looks awesome on you, total MLBB! I’m tempted to go test it in the stores now. Though it is kind of a bummer that these have to be sharpened.

    Also I think the long wearing stuff can get out of hand with all the claims that are made. I always wipe off my lipstick before I eat and reapply after. Well, sometimes I reapply, sometimes I just have naked lips after lunch because I can’t be bothered haha.

    • Lily

      I used to do that too! I’d go for lunch, wipe off my lipstick, and instead of leaving my lips bare, I’d probably apply either another colour or just a lip gloss. Now that I’m not working anymore, I’d just leave it bare if I was heading home after lunch / dinner 🙂

  • Cruella is my favorite Velvet Matte!! I expected Dolce Vita to show up more on me (lighter or darker) but it was too “my lips and really just my lips” so I passed – got Biscayne Park instead (which is a Satin). On you it’s a bit more MLBB and definitely something great for everyday!

    • Lily

      Cruella seems to be quite popular. I should have a look. One can’t have too many lipsticks, right? 😛