Review: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in 230 Complex

I see matte lipsticks everywhere. Actually, I bought the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm 230 Complex a while ago. Erm, make that many moons ago. I didn’t feel like talking about it because I didn’t know what to think about it. I didn’t have a matte nude, so I thought why not just try this one?


Revlon Matte Balm

Revlon Matte Balm open


The lipstick comes in a twist up pencil form, and to streamline the ‘matte’ness, the packaging itself is also matte. The colour reflects what lipstick shade it is, so if you have a few of these, you’d know which colour you’re picking without having to check the lipstick inside. Nothing new, but handy nonetheless. The Matte Balm goes on quite smoothly, and immediately, it feels minty on my lips. I don’t mind it, but I know a few people who don’t like that feeling. The texture itself isn’t too bad, because it is not drying on my lips. I don’t know if it stains, because even if it does, you can’t tell with this shade. I guess my gripe is with the shade itself. My lips are naturally mauvey pink, and Complex is a nude that looks like concealer on my lips. I swatched it on my arm, and didn’t think for a second it would be so pale. I guess I’m not a very good judge of colour >_<


Revlon Matte Balm Complex Revlon Matte Balm Complex swatch


It conceals all the natural pink on my lips and makes my lips nude. I know some of you love that kind of colour, but I find that it makes me look kinda dead. My face just looks drained of all blood and colour….I can’t get used to it. Reminds me of MAC Myth which I gave away. I tried this shade with a few different eye makeup looks, and find that it’s most flattering with dramatic smokey eyes – and more pink on my cheeks, of course. I’ll be posting the look on Sunday for my stash shopping post, so you tell me if I look kinda dead, half dead or totally dead and rotting. However, I found a way to make this work. It actually tones down bold lips! I can also wear a brighter lip pencil and use this on top to mute it down. Takes more effort though… and who here doesn’t know I’m lazy? LOL!

These Matte Balms have been around for ages! Do you like it? What’s your preferred shade?


xoxo Lily



  • I love a good nude lip! But yeah, it’s all about finding the right shade. I haven’t tried these matte ones yet. I do’t know, drugstore mattes scare me hahaha! Can hardly wait to see it on you!

    • Lily

      I liked the Revlon matte lipsticks, but this one… on the fence.

    • Tracy, you need Unapologetic. It would be simply searing on your features. Add it to your Superdrug / Rexall wishlist ASAP, lady!
      PS: Look at those Canadian drugstore references. I’m telling you, I’m a secret Canadian. I even know the lingo. 😉

  • I have trouble with nudes too, I need it to be either warm pinky nude or apricot nude, anything too cool will make me a zombie. I havent tried out the matte formula, but the more glossy ones are a pretty good dupe of Clinique’s, though I do think Chubby Sticks feel better on the lips than the Revlons.

    • Lily

      Oh I have one of the balm stains as well. Definitely prefer chubby sticks. Hands down!

  • Yeah no, I can’t do this, either! I received Estee Lauder Alluring a while ago, which might be close to this. I actually went as far as to doing some FOTD photos with it on, but decided I really couldn’t post them. I look SO bad!

    • Lily

      Hey Sunny, the problem is, I actually bought this myself instead of PR sending me a shade I didn’t like. That’s the fail there. LOL!

      • Haha I have definitely made that mistake before though! It happens to everyone!

        • Lily

          LOL makes me feel better I’m not the only one. Hahaha!

  • Okay, so this is clearly a no go for you, lol. Except for on Halloween when you WANT to look dead 😉

    • Lily

      Hahahahaha! Just in time then 😛

  • Matte nudes are difficult! Nowadays I even find light pinky nudes make me look dead. I also need tons of other makeup to balance out the deadness(?) or the nude has to be glossy.
    I am still excited to see a look you create with this one, though. I am sure it isn’t as half bad as you say. 😉

    • Lily

      OK now I’m learning that matte nudes are a no no… or maybe it’s just this shade >_<

  • These are the hardest shades to wear, I swear. I have a Shu Uemura matte nude and it makes me look like death, I cannot fix it, LOL. Putting a gloss on it sometimes helps, but not always.

    • Lily

      I’ll try to layer on some pink gloss maybe 🙂 But if it’s too difficult, I’ll just chuck this out. LOL!

  • Liz

    The nudes are tricky like that – they look fine on arm/hand swatches but drain your face of any colour! I find these matte balms a little patchy, so it’s actually nice to go over them with a gloss. Can’t wait to see the look though – I love your smokey eyes!

    • Lily

      Ah, that reminds me. I have to work on that smokey eye now. Hehehe

  • I can’t wait to see this on you! I have this problem with nudes all the time. So many of them are just WAY too light for me, including the beloved MAC Creme Cup and it’s so hard to tell if it’s going to look “off” until you actually apply it to the lips. Ha! I JUST bought MAC Myth, primarily to use as a mixer color with darker brown lipsticks! I definitely don’t think I could wear it alone. I love these Revlon Matte Balms. Unapologetic is a hot coral ka-pow color that wears beautifully.

    • Lily

      Oh gosh Myth was paler than this one. I bought it years ago when everyone was talking about it but I guess we have to learn what looks good on ourselves and not follow the herd. Lol!

  • Shu Ting

    We don’t get this shade over here, yet… And I do love the matte balms, especially those bright colours!! 😀

    • Lily

      Yeah I should’ve gone for the brighter shades too!