Sunday Stash Shopping #31: NARS Surabaya

I didn’t procrastinate! I aimed to post the look today and I actually got off my butt and did it. LOL! I was sitting in my room on Friday afternoon while Ashlyn was taking her bath, and I debated if I should just put on a whole face of makeup just to take it off after taking the photos. I did, and Ashlyn gave me weird looks, saying “Mom, are we going anywhere?” No, I said. I’m just taking photos. She shrugged and went about playing with bubbles. Anyway, here is the look I came up using NARS Surabaya. I used the reddish brown all over my lids, and the coppery brown on the outer corner, taking it down to the lower lash line. I used 2 different lip colours to show you how different it can be. Here are the products used.


products used


For blush, I chose a slight hint of pink (Burberry Peony) so my face doesn’t look too washed out and for lips, I used Rouge Dior Nude Grege for one look and Estee Lauder Ruby Glow for the other look. Up close, the eyes look like this. I lined my eyes using grey liner instead of black, and on the inner half of my bottom lash line, I used Urban Decay Underground to line my eyes. I also applied loads of mascara because I didn’t want to put on false lashes. See? Surabaya is not very red on me, is it?


eyes up close


First up, here is Surabaya paired with a nude lip.


nude lip


And here, I paired it with a deep blood red for that super extra punch.


red lip


Which lip pairing did you like more? I think the second look is a little more editorial while the nude lip is more wearable, don’t you think? I prefer to wear bold lips with nothing but black liner on my eyes, but I thought it would be fun just to try it out for this post 🙂 I also like to wear Surabaya more subtly, without winging out the liner that much. To be honest, this is less red than Clinique Black Honey. Definitely more wearable, and if you’re looking for that reddish brown that doesn’t make you look bloodshot, give this a try 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this! Happy Sunday 🙂


xoxo Lily


  • I’m a big fan of the red-browns, so I’m definitely drawn to this duo. I LOVE it on you paired with the deep red lip — so gorgeous!

    • Lily

      Thanks Tiffany <3 That deep red is very bold!

  • Oh I love both looks!! Personally would also only step out the door with either strong eyes and subtle lips or bold lips and simple eyes, but I think you hit a perfect balance with Surabaya and Ruby Glow. Or maybe I’m just salavating after all the bold lips these days.

    • Lily

      Lol it’s amazing how having a blog means being able to document looks you wouldn’t wear out!

  • Whoaaaa this is HOT! I love both looks, but I agree the first one is probably more wearable while the second demands real attention. The duo doesn’t look that red on you at all! I should swatch it when I have the chance, and see if I can finally find some reddish browns that I can wear!

    • Lily

      You should really try it, Sunny. It’s more wearable than you think 🙂

  • I love this paired with the gray liner! I love a reddened brown because they look so different on everyone. I would probably go for the softer lip, but I’m loving the impact the Estee Lauder red gives! BAM! Love it!

    • Lily

      The Estee Lauder red gives me bloody vampire lips. LOL!

  • You’re one sexy mama, Lily!
    This is so enabling that now I want to try reddish brown eyeshadows on me (although I think I know how I’m gonna look – drunk and bit crazy ;p).

    • Lily

      I am so sure you won’t look drunk and crazy. HAHAHA! You can pull off all sorts of pink lipsticks, Lena, so I’m pretty sure you can pull off reddish brown eye shadows too.

  • You and red browns are a match made in heaven! I love both looks on you! That red lip with the shadows is stunning.

    • Lily

      Thanks Tracy. Funny how I can only wear that Estee Lauder red fully opaque for the blog only. If I wear it out, I have to blot it – just to sheer it out. LOL!

  • THAT SECOND LOOK. WOOHOOOO. I LOVE. I still think I might pick up the Black Honey version, but I’m scared, lol.

    • Lily

      Oh, I love Black Honey eye shadow. Dude, you had red hair. And these reddish brown shadows aren’t even THAT red. Hahahaha!

  • Lily

    I think with a little bit of confidence, we can pull off any look 🙂

  • I love how the eyeshadow looks on you! And the application is so artful. I would have never thought of it myself – I would have used maybe a warm blush – but that cool toned blush goes so well with the look. I adore both looks but prefer the one with the grege lipstick, just more easily wearable I suppose!

    • Lily

      The great thing about reddish browns is that you can pair it with both cool and warm blushes! I prefer pale cool blushes to go with this for some reason. And Grège is definitely more wearable.

  • OH Lily, you look gorgeous! That eyeshadow is just stunning, love love love the color. And that vampy lip looks fantastic on you.

    • Lily

      Thank you Melissa. I think vampy lips look great on you too!

  • Claire

    oh how I love the second look on you lily! gorgeous! and really, really like the pictures here. I have surabaya somewhere in my stash but tbh, been neglecting my nars e/s quite a bit. time to play with them a bit more. love your sunday stash shopping posts! xxx

    • Lily

      Thanks Claire <3 Sunday stash shopping posts are fun!

  • Jaa

    Wow the right shade of the duo totally looks different on your skin than in the pan! It doesn’t even look like the same color. 😀 I like the second look a bit more. You look great in any lip colors I see!

    • Lily

      Aww thanks Jaa. I think I just happen to pick the right lipstick shade. Lol

  • Liz

    Damn, that EL lipstick totally steals the thunder from all the other products! HOT. I like the look of these shadows but it is SO difficult to justify more brown shadows right now.

    • Lily

      That EL lipstick is so dramatic! I hardly wear it out in case I scare people.

  • Shu Ting

    wow your brows look amazing!! 🙂 everytime I start putting on some powder (as I like to simplify like that to my girls) they also ask if i’m going somewhere… :p

    • Lily

      Thanks Shu Ting. Kids say the funniest things sometimes. And they’re so curious 😛

  • NARS Surabaya is so gorgeous! It’s totally along the lines of colours I’ve been loving for fall lately, meaning I probably have many dupes and shouldn’t buy it haha. Both lips look great, but I’ve been on a bit of a nude lipstick kick lately. Well I guess always, but buying bolder lipsticks is more fun even though I get more use out of the nudes!

    • Lily

      Hi Jenn. Surabaya is a beautiful pair, and the shades when used alone are gorgeous too! Nude lips are just so easy to wear. Bold lips however….

  • HOLY. That red lip with that smokey eye (I love the liner shape that you picked) is SEXY! And that pink blush is perfect, too.

    How is it that you’re many months pregnant and yet still hotter than the sun, Lily? And how are your brows so freakin’ perfect???

    • Lily

      You flatter me Rae whale! Thank you so much! Other than sweating like a pig, I feel anything but hot. Lol! Only 1 month to go and baby will be out 🙂

  • I absolutely NEED this eyeshadow in my life! It so so beautiful, and so do you. I might have a slight obsession with warm-hued eyeshadows but one can never have too many, does she? Problem is, I can’t seem to find it anywhere … I wonder if I’ll be able to get my hands on it, fingers crossed!

    X Alice

    • Lily

      Thank you Alice 🙂 I hope you’re able to find it as well!