Project Make A Dent #3 Follow Up

Time for an update! Project MAD forced me out of my makeup rut and I managed to create some looks with colours. But in my day to day makeup, if I wear any, I stick mainly to sometimes just lining my eyes with MAC Phone Number on my upper lash line and Underground on my lower lash line. I managed to use up the Clinique Chubby Stick though, so yay! I have been using the Chanel VLA every time I put on my foundation, but it’s still not dead yet. I wonder how much there is left. Feels light 😛 NARS Orgasm is also my go to blush, and I think I see a visible dip. Can’t see the pan just yet, but I’m sure I’m close. I’m so tempted to use a pin and dig in, just to see how much blush there is left, but that would just be crazy. Obsessive. NUTS! Or would it? HAHAHAHA! Here’s the before after photo just to show you the progress.


pmad3 pmad3 after


Oh but you know what? After a much closer inspection, I might just see the light at the bottom of the pan for Orgasm!! I think with more use, I can see a more prominent pan action! Here’s a close up.


Orgasm pan


Hahahaha! This cracks me up. Any evidence of progress makes me excited 😛 The little baby is due any time now, so, I know I won’t be wearing any makeup for the next month or so. I’m going to postpone my Project MAD #4 for later, when I will actually be wearing more makeup. In the mean time, should I put on some colour on my face, I’d probably be using both the liners, the blush and the liquid foundation. I’ll make sure I post Project MAD #4 when I’m ready or when I see any of these products die 🙂 So now, I can throw away my Chubby Stick, and I have a feeling Underground will be gone soon too. It’s already getting short, so probably another month or 2 and I can chuck it out as well.


pmad3 after.


So that’s the progress, guys. Project MAD will be on hold, until everything at home is settled down 🙂 After doing this for a few months, I realized it’s actually not that hard to use up stuff if we focus on a few things. But you know, erm, many of us have more than just a few things 😛 A different lipstick a day will take us through the entire month or longer but anyhoo…This has been fun! Let’s do it again soon 🙂


xoxo Lily