Review: Burberry Lip Shaping Pencil and Lip Cover in Bright Plum

I remember not liking my first Burberry Lip Cover very much due to the scent. I really hated the scent, but somehow, as the lipstick grew a little older, the scent wasn’t as strong and I could stomach it! Also, my love for berry shades just vetoed my decision to purchase a few more. Let me tell you about their Lip Shaping Pencil and Lip Cover in Bright Plum, a shade which is great for Fall and for all seasons!


Burberry Bright Plum

Bright Plum


I already went on and on about their superior aesthetics, so I won’t talk about it again. I bought these online, sight unseen, just relying on swatches I see in blogs, and I’m lucky to love these! The Lip Cover performs just as well as Sepia Pink while the Lip Shaping Pencil goes on the lips smoothly without any tugging. I love that the formula is moisturizing enough for me to colour in my lips using only the lip pencil, and my lips didn’t feel dry at all. What I like to do is to shape my lips, colour in with the lip pencil and blot before using the lipstick to go over it. This provides more depth and the colour is more vibrant longer.


Bright Plum Burberry bright plum swatch


Bright Plum is a beautiful berry toned lipstick that is not too vampy or red when worn. There is just the right amount of red, purple and wine, and I suspect this shade looks good on EVERYONE! I wore a combination of both in my Femme Boulevard post a while ago so you can check out how it looks on me, paired with very dramatic eye makeup. For every day, I’d just pair this with minimal eye makeup and black eye liner, so the focus is on this beautiful shade of plum. If you find that it is too dramatic for you in the day, wearing it as a stain works great too. What I like to do is to smear some product on my finger and just pat on my lips for the undone look. Maybe I should do that for my stash shopping post this Sunday 🙂

Do you like to wear shades like this? If you do, what’s your favourite? If you haven’t, it’s time to try some berry for your lips. Yummy 🙂


xoxo Lily