Review: Lancome Blanc Miracle Liquid Foundation and Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Powder Foundation BO-01

I think I have time and again mentioned how important it is to get a good shade match for base products. It is especially true if the foundation has higher coverage and less forgiving than its sheer coverage counterparts. Here in Asia, Lancome foundations are made in Japan, specifically tailored for Asian skin tones. They have shades that are pink based, beige based and even yellow based. My face turns red when it gets hot and well, it’s hot here all the time. I also need to get a shade that matches my neck instead of my face because my neck and the rest of my body are a shade lighter than my face. Lisa Eldridge made a series of videos on how to find your perfect foundation, and I found that very helpful. It also validated my own technique and choice in choosing my own foundations, so woohoo! Let me tell you about this foundation pairing that gives me the most flawless finish.


Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Crystal Brightening Creator BO01


The Blanc Miracle liquid foundation gives medium to full coverage (buildable) while the powder foundation alone already gives me enough coverage. The powder foundation is actually my second purchase, and yes, I LOVE IT! On lazy days, I’d apply my tinted sunscreen after my skincare, and with just this powder and some colour, I’m set to go. I’ve been quite blessed to be able to skip concealer, apart from some dark circles that developed lately (thanks little bub!) but this powder foundation evens out my skin tone and brightens it at the same time. The liquid foundation brightens my skin as well, and it gives a semi matte finish initially. When my skin’s natural oil peeks through, my face looks slightly dewy but none of that grease monkey business 😛 It actually controls shine pretty well, even in this humid weather, so I’m very pleased with its performance.


Blanc Miracle foundation


Below are some comparison swatches, to foundations that are more widely available. You can’t really see the powder foundation because it just blends into my skin. Can I say it’s the perfect shade match? As for the rest of the foundations, I’m 011 Dior and 10 Chanel. Out of the 3, Dior has a slight tint of pink while Chanel is more beige. Lancome leans yellow (BO stands for Beige Ochre) but all 3 foundations work well on my skin. Shade wise, all 3 liquid foundations are of the same shade, just slightly different undertones. I can’t wear pink undertones and while Dior looks pink here comparatively, it really isn’t. If I compare Dior 010 with Dior 011, 011 definitely looks more yellow. Then again, out of the 3 here, Lancome is the best match. I can also wear Lancome O-10 (Ochre 10) which is more beige than yellow, but the BO one looks better after a few hours. Texture wise, Chanel Perfection Lumiere is the most drying, but suitable for days when my skin is much oilier because it is just matte all the way. Diorsnow’s texture is the one I love most because it’s feathery light while providing similar coverage. So for me, it’s a toss up between Lancome and Dior with Chanel trailing behind.


foundation swatches


Here is a before after to show you the coverage of only the liquid foundation. There is no concealer or setting with powder. The redness around my nose is practically gone, my skin evened out, and the freckles actually looked less prominent! If I set it with the powder foundation mentioned above, the coverage is even higher, without looking cakey at all. Some foundations melt around my nose first, making it look patchy for some reason, but this foundation holds up pretty well. It wears for about 5 hours still looking fresh but I haven’t worn it longer than 8 hours.


before after


I bought this foundation a while ago, I think in the beginning of the year. I think the liquid foundation costs RM140 while the powder (refill only) costs about RM120? I’m not 100% sure. I definitely recommend this if your skin is normal combination, or if you have a hard time finding a good shade match. Have you tried any Lancome foundations before?


xoxo Lily