Review: Pro Double Blenders from Beautyblender

I tried the original Beautyblender in pink before, a few years back actually, and while it was a novelty to use it the first time ever, with all the wet bouncing action, I wasn’t too impressed. In fact, the pink Beautyblender RIPPED after a few washes. I promise I’m not a She Hulk, even though I can have a bad temper, but you know, that just really pissed me off because this egg shaped sponge is not cheap.


beauty blender


Anyway, throughout the last few years, the Beautyblender came out with other colours like white and black and I decided to give it another try, this time in the colour black. The pink one also drove me crazy, because the sponge looked so dirty after every use. Even after I washed it, it wasn’t 100% clean, and the OCD in me wanted it to be as good as new. I figured black would be more forgiving on the little stains even though it was actually clean, if you know what I mean. I bought this sponge duo, and when it is dry, it looks like this. And it’s small. It is soft and bouncy, feels nothing like the cheap latex sponge that sells in bulk. The Beautyblender is made of latex-free Hydrophilic Polyurethane.


black beauty blender the beauty blender black


Basically, you have to wet the Beautyblender before using, and once wet, it’ll double in size. Of course, you don’t use it dripping wet. After I wet the sponge thoroughly, I squeeze out all excess water before using it. I’d squeeze some liquid foundation at the back of my hand, bounce the bigger butt of the sponge on the foundation and then apply it on my face using bouncy motion. So the sponge literally goes “toing toing” on your face. It works especially well when you have drier skin, or if the particular foundation emphasizes flaky bits. I’ve been using the Beautyblender with lighter foundation such as the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, and it provides more coverage because of the extra product it absorbs. I’ve also used it with heavier coverage foundations like my Lunasol Water Gel foundation, and it goes on like no foundation at all. Yes, the effect is awesome. I might have to eat my words of not liking the Beautyblender.

To reach smaller areas of the face like maybe under the eyes and around the nose, just flip the sponge to the smaller end and bounce off the product from there. Really, what the sponge can do is limited to your own creative imagination. Don’t like to bounce? I’m sure you can roll it, if that’s what you prefer 😛 Might not work as well though! You can even apply cream blushes with it and it goes on so natural, it’s unbelievable. I always wash this sponge thoroughly after each use, and I find that my soap bar brush cleanser works best. Other gentler liquid brush cleansers for natural hair don’t cut it. I’d advise you to be very gentle when you wash the sponge though. I know I put extra care, just in case it rips again. Depending on how regularly you use the Beautyblender, but it is advisable for you to change it every few months. If I use it every day, I’d probably change it every 2 or 3 months.


beauty blender dry and wet


Do I prefer this over my brushes? Nope, my brushes work very well on me. I know some of you cannot buff in foundation for that flawless finish because the buffing motion might irritate your skin, or maybe it just emphasizes all the flakes and lines on your skin. If you have that kind of problem, then this might be your solution. Gently bouncing and tapping products onto your face takes away all irritation on your sensitive skin, and the wet sponge mixed with foundation somehow makes the foundation look more glowy on your face. The downside is you need to change / replace it regularly and also the sponge does eat up more product than you need compared to a brush or your hands. If you complain about having to wash your brushes even when you only do it once a month, imagine having to clean this Beautyblender after every use.

Are you a fan of the Beautyblender? Have you tried this before? Will you? I bought this Pro Double Blenders off Luxola (affiliated) for RM120 and they shipped for free.


xoxo Lily