Sunday Stash Shopping #33: Burberry Bright Plum for Day

You have seen me wear Burberry Bright Plum as opaque as it could go. But do you know how wearable it can actually be? I kept the makeup as simple as possible – barely there, actually. I kept the eye shadows neutral and closer to my lash lines, used a very light pink peach blush and wore Bright Plum just as a stain. I dabbed some lipstick on my ring finger then pat it on my lips.


Bright Plum Burberry


I skipped the lip pencil for this look because it’s supposed to look undone. Here it is, a very wearable barely there day time makeup. You can of course add a lip gloss over it, but I prefer it this way.




Yes, that’s Bright Plum on my lips. Not very bright here, eh? Just a wash of light mauve on my lips which looks super natural. That’s also another reason I like bolder lip colours. You can’t amp up a neutral, but you can definitely tone down a bright. This is just a short post but I hope you liked the barely there makeup!


xoxo Lily