Sunday Stash Shopping #34: Elongating The Eyes

Now that my face is getting puffier already so puffed up, you know, the last stretch of the pregnancy and all (literally!), I find that my eye makeup is more flattering if I drew my eyes longer. Not too long, but natural enough to be believable. If you have round or smaller eyes, this might work for you too. Basically, what you need is a pencil liner, a small eye brush that suits the size of your eyes, and a blender brush. I used 2 eye shadows here, a dark brown and a light bronze. You can use whatever colour you want. It’s up to you, really.




To summarize the whole process, you just need to use the pencil to draw the shape you want, that you think is flattering. Everyone is different. (1) This is how I draw mine. (2) I like to pull out my eye liner like a cat eye, but instead of winging it up and out, I just draw it more horizontally. It’s like mapping a longer version of my eyes, following my natural eye shape, if that makes sense.


pictorial 1


Then, (3) I just smudge out the liner, still keeping the shape. (4) I’d use a darker eye shadow to shade the outer corners of my eyes (using the elongated shape as guide), and pulling it halfway down the lower lash line. (5) Using a clean blending brush, I blend and blur out the edges. (6) Using my ring finger, I then pat on the light bronze on my lids, from the inner corners until where the darker shade is, just overlapping a little. It’s actually pretty easy. Then, I like to (7) tight line with a black or grey liner and (8) apply a few coats of mascara. That’s it 🙂


pictorial 2


Of course, finish off with blush and lipstick, and here’s the complete look on me.




This look can be more dramatic by elongating it further, and by adding false lashes at the outer (extended) corner of the eyes. Makeup is so much fun when used right 🙂 As you can see, this isn’t a dramatic change, but just a little enhancement which makes subtle changes to the overall features. I hope you liked this and that you found this helpful 🙂


xoxo Lily